Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The major media outlets make me sick

So the major media outlets have been reporting non-stop speculation over whether or not Karl Rove should be fired by Bush. They are printing that reporters keep asking whether or not President Bush will fire Rove. They are printing that speculation keeps growing. They are laying out the case that Rove might have broken the law. They have published reports that say how bad this leak was and how terrible it would be if Rove were to be found responsible.

This is quite possibly the most hypocritical thing I have yet to see the media do. The reason it is hypocritical is because they (ABC,the AP, CNN, CBS, NBC, Newsweek, Reuters, LA Times, Washington Post, the White House Correspondents, et al)filed an amicus brief in the grand jury hearings. They all said that there was serious doubt that a crime was even committeed. They went on to say that governmental 'Leaks' are an important function in free reporting and often the only way the truth is discovered. They put into considerable doubt whether, even if Rove leaked Plame's name, they could charge him with anything. They also say that this 'leak' isn't what the statute was drafted to protect.

They say that and then they have the gall to print all this speculation. To say one thing and then print stories that allude to and even outright suggest another thing is hypocrisy. Where is the story saying that there was no crime committeed. Where is the story saying that the statute was not tailored for this situation. Where is the story saying that Plame was not a covert agent. These stories are not present in their publications, yet they file them in a court of law.

If you say that one thing is the truth and you then allow to be printed articles that clearly allude/state that another thing is the truth then you are tacitly approving the other statement. This would not be true had they printed these other stories. If they were just airing both sides then it would be fine, but to say one thing then print the other as if what they said doesn't exist is a serious lack of journalistic integrity. This is why the media cannot be trusted.


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