Wednesday, June 08, 2005

After a very long absence from participation in this blog due to skewel, writing competitions, going to my parent's home which doesn't have Internet, etc...

So, I started my summer internship with a matrimonial judge. Right now, as I write this, I am sitting in the jury box of the court room (which, thankfully, has wireless), waiting for counsel for plaintiff-wife to get their act together. These two attorneys are from a very large, reputable, Wall St. firm and they clearly have no idea what they are doing. The judge basically had to tell them step-by-step what they had to do, starting with how to determinine marital assets and how to calculate child support under the domestic relations law. It seems to me that the two attorneys are perhaps first- or second-year associates who aspire to be litigators and despite having no knowlege of matrimonial law, jumped on the opportunity to appear in court. This scenario just strikes me as a solid example of how important it is to have competent counsel.


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