Tuesday, June 28, 2005

here again

So I am reading through the Kelo decision and I don't like it. Basically a city or a state just has to come up with a valid pretext to take your land. If they decide that your land would benefit the community through 'economic development' then you are screwed. The only thing is that they can't have a particular private party in mind before they take your land. So they decide to take your land and then they decide who gets it. That apparently makes it acceptable, but if they know who they want to give it to before hand then it isn't allright. Basically this paves the way for a community to say your area sucks, it is 'blighted', and it would be much better for us to have an industrial park there as part of a plan of making a lot in taxes. Then you lose your land. Yes you are paid 'just compensation' for it, but sometimes a house is a house and you want to live there. I imagine a married couple that has been living in their house for 60 years might have grown to like it. Apparently the judges in the majority are all about giving great deference to the decision of the legislatures of the states when it comes to taking your land. The problem is the same justices say that state legislatures get no deference in deciding whether or not substances will be legal in their home states. This is poo.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

After a very long absence from participation in this blog due to skewel, writing competitions, going to my parent's home which doesn't have Internet, etc...

So, I started my summer internship with a matrimonial judge. Right now, as I write this, I am sitting in the jury box of the court room (which, thankfully, has wireless), waiting for counsel for plaintiff-wife to get their act together. These two attorneys are from a very large, reputable, Wall St. firm and they clearly have no idea what they are doing. The judge basically had to tell them step-by-step what they had to do, starting with how to determinine marital assets and how to calculate child support under the domestic relations law. It seems to me that the two attorneys are perhaps first- or second-year associates who aspire to be litigators and despite having no knowlege of matrimonial law, jumped on the opportunity to appear in court. This scenario just strikes me as a solid example of how important it is to have competent counsel.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


It really is a different world from New York. I just got in from partying and I am watching cable tv. Not the ordinary cable, but the stuff you don't have to pay for. They are showing a Grateful Dead concert. That is AWESOME. This place is great. It is good to know that there is more than 1 place I would like to live.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Old memory

So I was watching MTV's Cribs and they were showing this jacuzzi bath that looked a lot like one that my mom had in her old house. They were talking about the candles around the edge and this memory just popped into my head. So here it goes.

My mom is out of town for the weekend. I invite over a lady friend. Mind you this girl is way out of my league. She will remain nameless even though I doubt anyone who reads this could identify her. Anyways, she is smokin hot and so I think I am a suave little kid. Remember I was in high school and still had a lot to learn. So she is coming over and I run a hot bath and get the jacuzzi goin. You know with the bubbles and everything. I have some champagne chilled on the side and a good CD goin on the speakers. I think I am just the biggest pimp ever. So we go up and strip down to our underwear and get in the jacuzzi. We are sippin on champagne and having a good time so I turn down the lights and light some candles. I thought this would just seal the deal. So the mood is set and I make my move. To my own amazement it works. So we are getting hot and heavy and then she pulls back. She said do you smell something? I was like no baby its just the scented candles. (a real smooth operater, let me tell ya) Next thing I know she yells FIRE! I turn around and a picture frame is lit up like a bonfire. So I start splashing water all over it. I soaked EVERYTHING. Then I run it out of my house so it doesn't set the fire alarms off and stink up the house. There is nothing more romantic then a man running in wet boxers with a picture frame that is still billowing off black smoke.

Ahhh the great memories that Cribs brings out.


3 days before I leave town for almost a week I did a stupid thing. I bought a loaf of bread. It was just a poor decision. For some reason I can't leave bread behind. Now if I was never leaving I generally have no problem letting it spoil and throwing it out. The problem is I knew I was leaving and it was just taunting me from the top of the fridge. So I have been eating bread with every meal. I literally make a sandwich and have some toast with it. I do grilled cheese and then a hot dog with bread around it. It is getting ridiculous. I have to leave in the morning and I still have half a loaf of bread. It is like the freakin never ending loaf. Atkins would want to chop off my head. I don't think i'll eat bread for a week now.