Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Tired of politicking

So I was watching the news today. A pundit was on a news show talking about energy policy. Now I am fine with that so far and I a fine with pundits putting forth their parties and their particular candidates and politicians position, that is good. What I don't want is people drumming up false support. What I am talking about is a specific statement where a certain pundit said that when he travels around to listen to constituents he hears them talking about how we haven't built an oil refintery on US soil in 20 years. You have got to be kidding me. I seriously doubt that regular people were thinking, without any prodding, that they haven't seen an oil refinery go up in a while and in fact it has been 20 years since they have seen one go up. Maybe a very small percentage of people that are very knowledeable about the oil business in the US. Maybe they have been talking about it. I would bet that at a minimum 90% of Americans, if asked 6 months ago, would have no clue when the last oil refinery was built in the US.

I am imagining that you are asking yourself why this matters. Especially if it is a good idea. Shouldn't our representatives bring such things to our attention? Of course they should and I am not passing judgment on whether we should build more refineries. What I am saying is that the tail is wagging the dog here. Tell me that this is a good idea and tell me that I should support this. Don't tell me that the public is bringing up this issue. I mean if you throw a stone in a pond don't tell me that the pond is rippling all on its own. Your stone caused in. When you get out there and say we need new refineries and you need to worry about this, don't then come to me and say look at what the public wants.

I know the argument against this is that they are just telling the public the issues and the people's strong response is what they are pushing and the people have latched on to this and responded to it and brought the attention to it themselves and they actually do want it. No that is not what is going on. If that was what is going on then it would be acceptable. They are telling people that this is important and that this is key in energy policy. Then people hear that and say hey we need this. We elect politicians to make decisions for us. That is the way our government works. I just don't want them 'peeing on my leg and telling me it is raining'.

Many people will not understand why I care about this or why it matters. The problem is that when the fire comes to the front door the politician will scream that he/she was 'following the will of the people'. No you made a good or bad decision. This obfuscates the issue and clouds what politicians are really doing. We elect them to act. They should use their judgment when acting and not set things up to look like they are just doing 'what the people demand'. This is bad politicking and it makes me sick.

Lastly this was a republican pundit and I didn't catch the name so that is why I am not linking to it and I saw it on Fox news. I also tell people that I am conservative/libertarian politically and lots think that I only side with republicans. I have been growing more libertarian lately and I think this is a good show of it. No I didn't type it to prove I don't side with just republicans and this issue shouldn't be taken as pushing one side or the other. I just want to point out that I don't just attack one side or the other.


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