Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Should be studying!

I should be studying but instead I am posting. This is about something I saw on MSNBC today. They were running a story and had some talking heads. They were discussing this 'scandal' over American Idol. For those that don't know about it apparently Paula Abdul may have been coaching, and possibly having a sexual relationship, with a contestant. They weren't talking about the specific situation but instead they were talking about reality tv and how they may be fooling us.

I mean c'mon. Whomever thought that reality tv was actually real and there was only cameras there to document the situation has to be kidding themselves. Have people forgotten that this is ENTERTAINMENT. Of course producers are keeping the people in the game that are entertaining to watch. That is what they are putting the show on for. The more people they get watching the more money they get in advertising revenue. That is how they make money.

What really got me going was when they threw around the idea of creating federal law to force shows to tell us whether or not they had infleunce on the outcome. I thought this idea would get laughed off. The people seriously thought this should be an option and if they don't create a law congress should investigate and producers should be made aware of what they were doing.

Are people going nuts? Do they not realize that television is entertainment? What is next when a soap opera star goes into a coma should there have to be a disclaimer that it is just acting and no person is actually in a coma? People may say that this situation is different because they don't purport to be reality. So what! Did you detrimentally rely on Cody being the actual winner of Survivor (I don't watch Survivor and just made up the name)? Are people really shocked that maybe since American Idol is giving a professional services contract to the winner that they would fudge things to make sure they didn't give it to a hack? This stuff is ridiculous.

Now you may have a claim (a terrible one) with American Idol. You could say that you detrimentaly relied on their statements that your phone call would matter and you had to spend money to make the phone call. You could say that they induced you do to this using fraud. They knew that you would rely on their false statement when making the decision to make the phone call. I am thinking class action would be the only way to even think about suing. I would also think you would have problems convincing a jury that it was reasonable that you relied on the assertions of a tv personality.

To end up this post. People trust what they see and hear on television way more than anybody should. If you get duped by a show into thinking their outcomes are based totally on the events and there is not producer control then too bad. If you don't like it don't watch the show. If Congress (which I 98% doubt they will) gets involved then I will want to sue the government for misappropriation of taxes. The only worry I have is that more people vote for american idol then they do in many (if not most) political elections and Congress could see this as away to garner attention and support. Not very likely, but not impossible. CRAZINESS


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