Sunday, May 22, 2005

Quick Things

First it is the weekend of the legal writing competition. It is killing me, but I think I may be nearing completion. I wish my roommate was smarter and was involved because his incessant phone conversations are driving me up the wall. I seriously looked up how much it would cost to buy one of those cell phone jammers and have them same day ship it to me.

Next I just found out that this past week when I was drunk I applied to up the limit on my credit card. Apparently it went through. I guess that is good news. In the past I have done other 'good' things drunk and not realized I have done them until later on. I ordered TiVo on night when drunk. I went to GA one night when I was drunk. I went to Myrtle Beach in high school and I believe I was drunk. I am thinking of these times because when this competition is over I imagine I may get drunk and hopefully good stuff will happen.

Lastly while taking a break from writing I downloaded a freeward spy checker for my PC. So far it has found over 100 possibly 'infected' files. That just cannot be good. Oh well my 10 minute break is up. Time to edit my scholarly paper yet again.


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