Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I just finished reading this NY Times article. I just don't get it. The obvious slant here is that Mr. Medina is a hard working man who is just caring for his family and has spent money and time putting his roots down here in the United States. That is fine with me. I expect the NY Times to take this position. The problem is that he is a criminal. GASP. Yes he was ordered deported and he never went. He is in the country illegally. So they collared him on a broken taillight. Cry me a river. I know many people who got tickets for expired insurance or expired license or any numerous amounts of violations becuase of a broken taillight. I imagine if you are breaking the law then you would make extra sure not to have a broken taillight.

I guess what I don't get is the shock and awe that this man is being deported. Yes it is sad and yes he has tried to become a legal alien. The problem is that he isn't a legal alien. Please don't go off saying that we need illegal aliens or we wouldn't have people to work the jobs we don't want to work. That argument is a valid (somewhat) argument, but that is an argument you make to the legislature.

I know all of this is in political response to the new drivers license provisions that are going through Congress. I haven't looked at the bill so I couldn't personally comment on whether it is good or bad in its entireity. What I do know is there is a provision that says that to get a drivers license they have to check if you are in this country illegally. Also your drivers license wouldn't be able to be valid past the valid date on your visa. I don't understand why this is so bad. Do I think that they can make states do this? No. Do I think they have legal ways of making states do this? Of course. They can withhold state funding until and unless the state complies. Is that legal? Yes it sure is. Do I feel bad for illegal immigrants that would potentially get collared? No.

I know also that people will find that heartless or insensitive, but I am sorry. If you want the benefits of living in this country then you should do it legally. Do I have anything against immigrants? Not at all. I have had many friends that are immigrants or whose parents or grandparents were immigrants. I am a white guy so I know if I traced far enough back my family immigrated here. The problem I have is that they are breaking the law. I don't think we should go out of our way to make sure not to catch them. I think it does pose a security threat. I don't think that matters. If you are breaking the law then you must suffer the consequences. I also think it was a risk for Mr. Medina to buy a house in a country he was in illegally. No he won't lose his house. Yes he probably won't be able to live there anymore. He has a wife who is here legally and two daughters that are citizens. It sucks that he will have to work on regaining legal status from his home country, but that is the risk he took.

I guess in the end it is just that if you are going to take the risk then you should live with the consequences. I think that it is HIS fault what his family is going through. I think it is especially sad for his family, but the whole time he knew that he could end up in this spot. I just don't see why everyone thinks its so horrible to enforce federal law and if you do think so then lobby to get the law changed. Please don't lobby to have the law not be enforced.


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