Friday, April 15, 2005

Scalia at NYU

You can find a reference of the events I am talking about here

This is just terrible I think. I have heard a lot of discussion about this and it just seems to go in the wrong direction to me. There should be a minimum amount of civility that one has. There are certain things you just don't do. This is one of them. I understand that this individual may have very strong feelings that Justice Scalia was incorrect in his dissent in Texas v. Johnson, but that in no way makes this behavior acceptable. One would think that an educated person that is bright enough to get into NYU Law would understand that this doesn nothing for his cause. Yes it gets him and his cause discussed, but it hurts his cause at best by victimizing the person he is against. I feel sorry for the people that brought Scalia to NYU to get an award. Apparently (in one of the comments to's post one person said he was present and had talked to people on the committe that brought and honored Scalia) they were completely embarrassed. I understand dissent and I understand not liking someone's views, but there is a common level of decency that should be adhered to.
I can only hope that this person has a hard time getting a job. I know that is harsh from one statement, but think about having this person advocating for your clients. You may say that he knows 'shock value' and can bring attention to your case, but it is all negative attention. I imagine if he had asked an eloquent questioned that shook up Justice Scalia then it would be getting press (admittedly not as much) and it would do good things for his cause. I know that if he came into my office I would immediately send him packing. I would be afraid that he would yell at a judge causing my firm embarrassment and possibly fines. I dont' think this is the way you want to make a name for yourself in your legal community.
I don't know. I just don't like this at all. I think it stains NYU's reputation and this particular person's reputation. I think we should not forgot that we represent not only ourselves, but those of us that we associate with. I am done with this.


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