Sunday, April 10, 2005

Quick Question and an Update

First lets dispense with the update. My friend may or may not join this blawg. She tried with an apparently long and particularly provocative (I haven't read it, but I am sure it was) post that failed to post. I have had problems with this server and I hope that this will not discourage her.
Now on to the quick question. Do you think that the law profession has always, or even is, dominated by one or several undergraduate majors? As far as I can tell there is an abundance of political science majors in law school. There also seems to be a high number of english and philosophy majors, but I think political science takes the cake. Our undergraduate majors effect how we think. I think as a general point one could conced that a political scientist and an engineer may have a different way of looking at the same problem. I know that when I make decisions I can sometimes see direct correlations between the decision I made and some mode of decision making that I learned in college.
The reason I am wondering about this at this particular time is that I just finished reading about natural law and judges. It seems that many judges are putting their feelings on natural law into the Constitution. As someone who has had a decent bit of philosophy in their life I see a huge danger in this beginning with the fact that the natural law is something you philosophically come to personally. There is no accepted natural law and I think a Christian and a Jew will both tell you the innate differences in their conceptions of what the natural law is. Instead of thinking the harder question I was wondering if judges were using natural law because of a more philosophically based background that would lead them to think in terms of using a natural law. Just a thought and to take it past here the thought would diverge into many others and become quite hard to track in short blawg form. Oh well.


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