Sunday, April 17, 2005

On to a new issue

First i'd like to thank my co-blawger for bringing up good counter points. Debating the issue ad naseum will be left up to others in another forum or the comments section because I am moving on to a new issue.
This issue is the media and the election of a new Pope. All I hear in the media is that the new Pope needs to be more progressive and less traditional and has to open up the Catholic Church to new ideas and new thinking. I particularly do not like this at all. There is one book and one set of rules that the Catholic Chruch follows. They follow the Bible and the teachings of Christ. I don't want to get into the particular issues, but I just think that the Catholic Church will follow those teachings and to try and get it to change is a bit ridiculous.
I know that some of the practices and procedure come from different leaders from the Church and are not central to its teachings, but in the end I don't think the Catholic Church has the same goals in the minds of the media. To me the media seems to think that the Catholic Church has to worry about numbers. Let us not forgot that under John Paul II the Church has grown in size. Also the Church's mission is to save people. They are not interested in changing some rules so that some more people are happy calling themselves Catholics. They are interested in people becoming good Christians and following God's words. I just don't think mainstream media really gets this.


At 1:28 AM, Blogger [Insert Something Clever] said...

What do you think it says about a person when he can say anything he wants, totally anonymously, and nothing comes to his mind? I've been sitting here for 15 minutes thinking of something clever and relevant and I'm just drawing blank after blank. I couldn't even think of a clever screen name.

By the way, this is NOT who you think it is. I know that you probably thought it was, and now that I made that comment, you're absolutely positive it is, but it isn't. It's not who you think. It is who you think. It's exactly who you think.

Would you take a look at the crap I'm filling this blog up with? Unbelievable.

At 12:13 AM, Blogger Not Quite Elle Woods said...

I think that it means that such a person either places intense pressure on him/herself to seem on par with certain people when those people would think he/she was interesting and insightful nonetheless, or that the person is self-depricating, or that there is just nothing to say.

As said in "The King and I," "When one does not know what to say, it is the time for silence."

At 5:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you part of the Roman Catholic Church? If not, how do you know what the Catholic Church wants? Do you have some intelligible insight into what Catholics want through the new papacy? If you are Catholic, let me remind you of the most famous line from Pope John XXIII coming out of Vatican II, "I want to throw open the windows of the Church so that we can see out and the people can see in." The Second Vatican was seen as the most profound moment for the Church in the 20th century by both members of the Catholic church and non-members. It was also a great stride towards modernizing the church to fit the new world. However, let me remind you, while the church was in the thrust of modernization, the doctrine of the church never once changed. So regardless of whether or not you are Catholic, you should become more knowledgable about the teachings and history of the Church before speaking for the Church.

At 5:16 PM, Blogger Andrew said...

Good point. I guess to clarify a little I am referring to the desire for the church to open its arms to different viewpoints on birth control and gay marriage. I just read a lot of media outlets crying for modernization in such a way that would change essential doctrine. All in all though a very good point and I will do more research before commenting on views of the Catholic Church

At 7:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without being too dogmatic, I think the main purpose behind most religions is precisely what you advocate in your previous blogs--being polite. Religion, aside from its specific rules, is really about spiritual guidance (I am loath to say "in the business of saving people" which is what you seem to think) and setting out rules for the obtuse of us to make it easier to be kind and charitable to, and accepting of others. You say you want people to adopt "higher standards" in showing respect to each other, and yet, your reaction to the changes in the Church are an automatic slap in the face. You're no better than the people you criticize--except for the fact that you think you're right! If you give your reading of the Bible a little depth, perhaps you will find that while the world has dramatically changed, the message of love, respect, and charity have remained and that accepting those who you so rudely dismiss as going against "the word of God" may still be within the scope of its "spirit" (excuse the pun) of religion.

At 7:15 PM, Blogger Andrew said...

The Catholic Church is in the business of saving people. They are there to guide people on how to act so that they will get acceptance into Heaven and through doing this they make the Earth a better place. That is a given. Sorry no budge there.
Next, I am not saying anything bad about the Catholic Church or reacting to what it was doing. All I was complaining about was the media's attempt to get the Catholic Church to adopt a less orthodox view.
I never said anyone was going against the word of God. I said the Church should be following the word of God. Also love and respect are great and the Church teaches that along with campassion and forgiveness. I never said they didn't. I don't know exactly what it is you think I am attacking?
Lastly and this is the last I will talk about this is that I don't see what type of a stretch it is to claim that the Catholic Church wants to try to be a good christians and follow the word of God. I think you are reading way too much into what I said.
To sum it up I think the Church will do what it thinks God's will is, and did will the election of the new Pope who is very orhtodox and conservative (conservative religiously not politically). If they see it as God's will for them to modernize then they will and if they see at as God's will not to then they won't. They aren't motivated by secular authority.


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