Saturday, April 30, 2005


The link is a NYTimes article. I am having a harder time getting through articles than I have had in a while. I mean if you are halfway intelligent and you listened to President Bush's speech at the news conference last night you would realize that nobody is having benefits cuts. But the NYTimes says that he is making major cuts to the middle class and the NYTimes would never mislead me. Get used to it. He is slowing down the rate of growth for the middle and upper class and shifting that growth to the lower class. Cutting down the rate of growth is not cutting benefits. Also with the slower rate of growth the personal accounts would more than make up the difference. I just don't get why the NYTimes has to spout out the democrat's talking points. It just doesn't make any sense. I hear Nancy Pelosi give her spin and then that night the NYTimes is copying her almost verbatim.

Now don't just think this is an attack on the left. No there are plenty of journalists that just spout out the republican's talking points. I remember when we used to be fooled into thinking that journalists were independant and would report what they saw and give no bias. Those days are over. Where it really bothers me is when I see an event, the press conference last night, and I can tell you before anything is printed which newspapers will support it and which newspapers will say that it is just creating more partisanship. It is ridiculous and I think it is a big reason of why newspapers are losing huge numbers in circulation. Also the internet has to play a part in this, but if the newspapers were better then people would be reading them.

Lastly I have yet to hear an actual alternative to Bush's plan. I like his plan and I think it is a good idea. It is the plan that the federal government gives to its own employees. I don't really understand why people oppose this. Most likely this is because in politics lately there is no concern given to the people. Politicians just don't want to see the other side do something good. Even if it hurts their own constituents they don't want the other side to say look what we did for you. I think it is ridiculous. I think the real starting point was this years election. I can't help but remember hearing tons of people saying that they don't care who else is in there but they just don't want Bush. They were voting not for another person but against Bush. You can't create a political theory based on the 'not the other guy' platform. Then all you end up doing is opposing everything they put forth and spend little to no time putting forth your own ideas. I also think it is funny when you have a poll where 70 some percent say they think social security won't be there for them when they retire and then the same people are opposed to changing the program. Two conclusions. Either those people are just dumb, or the questions asked are leading. Imagine that journalists coming in again and pushing things their own way. I gotta stop writing and get back to studying. It makes it easier to study when you don't want to watch the news. pretty soon my 1L year will be over. that is good.


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