Saturday, April 16, 2005

E-Mail clarification

I received an e-mail from a reader. Even though it wasn't a happy e-mail it makes me happy that somebody is out there reading. The point of this post is that clarification is in order. The e-mail basically talked about restricting freedoms and how bad that was. I agree with the e-mail and I think there is a fine line between security and freedom and we should pick freedom as often as humanly possible. What I was advocating in my last post is social repulsion. I don't think the government should be involved at all. The student's remarks were perfectly legal. I just think we should not socially condone this behavior. NYU is a private school and as thus can set standards of behavior that are above government standards. This is perfectly legal. Also private firms should not want to have somone work fo them who cannot follow society's normal etiquette. Again what this student said was perfectly legal and he does have a right to say it. I am advocating that polite society, not government, should reject this behavior. I guess what I am looking for is NYU, not a government entity, to say that yes student you have a right to say this, but as a private school we will not allow you to act in a manner that the situation does not accord. We will expect you to live up to a certain standard of behavior at our functions. This is not the government restricting this person's freedom or liberty it is just a private organization saying that you have to act like an adult if you don't want to eat at the kiddie table. Polite society should strive for higher standards and should reject gutteral attempts to degrade and shock. let's not forgot that this person's stated goals were to 'dehumanize and embarass' Justice Scalia.


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