Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Crazy people on the corner

Yeah so I think there is a correlation between nice weather and crazies. Apparently I am the 'white devil' or at least that is what the group on the corner was saying. Also the crazies in front of the municipal building have been showing up a few times. It seems that they go away for the winter. Oh well I guess they will be making our lives more colorful for the time being. As soon as this finals stuff is over i'd like to post about first year of law school and also some supreme court stuff. I'll have at least a week off (maybe more if this job thing doesn't kick in to gear) and I will be able to some substantive posts that actually mean something. Also I will be able to go out and experience things and this city always makes for some good stories. Things like getting in fights with police barricades.


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