Tuesday, April 19, 2005

2 things

First, I am going to try and not talk about religion as much or at all. It is a hot button issue and I feel, from the response, that my message was getting lost and that was probably my fault because of my unclear writing so I will leave those issues for somebody else to discuss.

Second, I was dissapointed that the Supreme Court didn't give its opinion in Aschroft v. Raich today. I have read a good bit on that and I read the oral arguments and they were really good (in a dorky I like the commerce clause litigation sort of way). I can honestly say that I have no clue what I think the outcome will be. I know what I think it should be, but it puts forth a neat dynamic. It'll be interesting to see the answer and I have been waiting patiently for a long time.


At 8:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

first, it appears that the polls the media based their stories on consisted of less than 300 catholics in america...now there are two problems with this 1. this is not a good poll b/c it does not have a large enough sample group (i.e. not only in pure numbers but in geographics) and 2. these individuals polled were not asked if they were the so called 'cafeteria catholics' or not
secondly, your message was not lost...it was clear that you don't believe the church should change its beliefs (which by the way the church does not rely solely on 'one book' as you called it but also series of catholic decrees, which while derived from understandings of the bible, means your knowledge of the catholic church is not concrete)
however, you are doing the exact same thing as the media, you are claiming what the catholic church want and desire without having a complete understanding of the situation- while the Holy Father was criticized as being too conservative, he was very 'modern' by acknowledging and accepting that there are other religions out there, such as the islamic faith...for the church to acknowledge and accept that there are individuals out there who have commited a moral sin would not diverge from the teachings of the Bible- assuming since you are making claims about religion you are familar with the Bible- the story of the woman by the well and Christ said 'he who has never sinned throw the first stone'- for the church to acknowledge and accept individuals for what the church views as mortal sin would not go against, but follow the teachings of the church-

the church welcomes all...the church accepts all sinners...murderers, child molesters, adulterors, theives, etc...however, it seems your one issue is with those that commits acts of homosexuality...the church is not here to turn away people due to their sins...the church accepts ALL SINNERS...Christ does not turn his back on sinners but welcome them all, we are all born with original sin let me remind you...while the church views those that dont accept Christ as a mortal sin, the Holy Father opened his arm and eyes to those of the Islamic faith, because once again this goes with the teachings of the church

also...you shouldn't put posts that traditionally would spark interest unless you are willing to accept the responses you always wish to receive

At 10:16 PM, Blogger Andrew said...

Just to clarify. I know the Church accepts all sinners and that we are all sinners and I know about original sin. I am not advocating that the church should not accept certain people. I was just saying that the church shouldn't change their focus. They should still consider certain things sins, but as always they accept the sinner. Love the sinner and hate the sin. I just think the media was pushing them to be more secular in their thinking. Yes you are right that I shouldn't post something that will generate a lot of response unless I am planning on dealing with it and I am doing my best to respond.


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