Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Liberal Bias in Academia?

That sure seems to be the case according to this Washington Post article. I think this isn't getting much play because the reaction is 'well I could have told ya that'. I just don't think people are suprised by this. I think I lost most of my hope when one of my political science professors decided that part of our curriculum included learning that there is a conservative media bias. This was on an exam and we had to explain why there was a conservative media bias.

I think the next question to be raised is that conservatives, in academia, should be hired to create a 'critical mass' of conservative teachers. Diversity of ideas seems to be stifled by all these liberal professors.

I personally don't like the above argument because I have this crazy idea that hiring decisions should be made on merit alone, but if we are forced to accept the diversity doctrine then it should apply to all. The best test of whether or not someone believes in a process or the desired outcome they think that process brings about is to change the outcome and see if they still believe in the process. This could be interesting, but I am guessing not much will come of it.


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