Monday, March 14, 2005

George Ross

I just attended a thing at our school for George Ross, the guy on the Apprentice that is one of the judges with Trump. It was really good and I am really glad that I went. He talked about his career and told some funny stories. He said that Amaroso wasn't as mean as she looked on TV, she was much worse. He said he would field no questions about Trump's hair. That was pretty funny. He also talked about the deal that Trump put together that was his first real estate deal. It was really his first big deal. George drew up all the deals on the legal side and all the contracts and agreements for that deal.
The best part about this thing was there was a reception afterwards. George Ross came up and I was suprised that nobody was talking to him for like the first couple minutes. So a small group went up to him, including me, and started talking to him and asking him questions. He gave a lot of good advice and I just kind of planted myself there and listened to what he had to say. I was suprised that more people didn't want to talk to him. As you all know he is one of the top real estate lawyers in the country and had a very prolific career before joining the Trump organization. I think it was very helpful to listen to him give advice just about being a lawyer and gave a few points of advice that I think will really help in my own practice.
One thing I think that was really important that he said was to learn your client's business. You can always give them legal advice, but learn what they do and what makes them good, or bad, businessmen. He said this makes you infinitely more marketable and allows you to treat your client better. He said this also allowed him to change from just being a lawyer to being the person making the deals.
I wish I didn't have to go do contracts now. Oh well. good day


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