Monday, February 14, 2005

what day is it again?

I think I have realised the gist of law school. It seems to be about focusing your energy into the proper channels at the proper times. I mean you could just say organization, but it is more than that. It is having an assignment that may take two or three weeks and sparsing out time over those weeks to do it instead of waiting till the last minute. I think this is why professionals do so well in law school. Coming straight, or very recently, out of college you haven't had quite this environment. I mean in college you could always just knock out stuff as it became due.
Enough with that. I have decided that my life is rather boring. On the other hand I am accomplishing everything I want to and I think the dull monotony of the weeks really leads to productivity. I am in better shape then I have been in probably 2 years. I am getting all my stuff done and am actually, finally, getting the job search truly under way (only about half a month later than I should have, but oh well). I think it really takes that kick in the pants to get things going. That kick in the pants for me was signing all the loan agreements. Knowing that very soon I will have to start paying back giant sums of money to banks is enough motivation to make you want to put yourself in the position to make a little bit of money.
coming soon is a post about reality television.


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