Saturday, February 12, 2005

Two things

First is that I really love CostCo. I mean where else can you get an eight pound bag of ChexMix and a 48 pack of capri sun to wash down all that mix. All the while getting glasses, a diamond for the wife, a new computer, an eight gallon tub of butter, and a new DVD for the kids. It is crazy, but I like it a lot.
Second I want to sue various computer companies. If anybody that reads this has done any research on vision problems related to computer use I want to know about it. Computers could be the new cigarrette companies if you get my drift. Also I just had to purchase a new pair of glasses and apparently eye doctors see a correlation between computer use and your vision worsening. This could be good. Also if you are an engineer hit me up so that I can talk to you about better computer screens that don't compromise your vision.


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