Thursday, February 03, 2005


At some point you just get too old for them. Some people I don't think I could ever life with. One example is my current roommate. I just don't think there would be any situation where I would ever want to live with the guy. I think that there is something wrong with him. Seriously law schools should do entrance interviews. I am about 90% sure that he would not have gotten in. I don't know. I am just angry that I was taking a nap and woken up because all he ever does is talk on instant messenger and listen to rap music.
On another note some rap singer just gouged his eye out. Seriously. Apparently his record just went gold and his bodyguards just kept him from jumping out a window. Then they put him in a windowless room and he gouged his eye out. That is weird.
I feel sorry for the people that grow up and want to be like these people. I am going to now go and get ready and go hang out at the 21 club. He should get an idol like Frank Sinatra or Humphrey Bogart.

Also on a funnier note his parents took him out for his birthday and he came back with all these shopping bags. For the next week all I saw were valour jumpsuits. ha ha ha.


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