Monday, February 21, 2005


Someone finally commented. First off I want to say thanks. Second I don't want to get into the whole debate. I had a whole list of things naming people and what they did (great procrastination work when I should have been doing my appellate brief). I think I will leave it well alone. I have been too political lately. I actually make myself watch certain shows on television now. This is so my life won't consist of waking up, going to class, studying, exercising, and sleeping. This way I have some entertainment in there. I am extremely dissapointed that Arrested Development looks like it is going off the air. I thought the show was great. I wish you could have a tivo that would keep making shows that you like. I don't think Seinfeld would miss a single week if that existed.
I like President's Day. It means that I can work on my appellate brief all day and not go to class. It really was a cheat of a three day weekend since the whole weekend will be/was spent at my desk. Oh well. It is time for bed now. Great roommate just got home. Now I get to listen to him clomp around and talk on the phone for the next hour. I really want to meet the people that live under us becuase he is so heel heavy when he walks that my bed shakes. I imagine the people on the floor below us must just despise this cat. I should go down there and give them a picture of him. After tuesday I think I may have a break and will actually be able to make a funny list or something. Also i am going to visit the Gates so I will tell you whether it is worth the subway ride or not.


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