Sunday, February 06, 2005


So there is this commercial right that is saying that you can go to Nescafe's website and put in your information and they will send you a free thing of their coffee grounds. Then it cuts to a shot of Donald Trump's secretary and she is informing Trump that his free thing of Nescafe is in. They then have a voice over a shot of product and the voice says something along the lines of turns out everyone likes free stuff. I guess you are wondering why I am talking about this. Well I think it is hilarious in the light of the 35 million dollar lawsuit that Nescafe just lost. They used this guys picture on their coffee bottle for some 20 odd years or something like that without compensating this guy. One day in a store this woman tells him that he looks like the guy on her coffee. He sued and the jury just awarded him like 32 or 35 million. So apparently Nescafe likes free stuff too.


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