Tuesday, February 08, 2005

long day today

Professors sometimes need to control their classroom better. At first I was getting angry at the dumb kids that kept asking dumb questions. I mean if you don't understand the definition of something then look it up. Or ask the professor after class or through e-mail. I was getting tired of it and was blaming it on the other students, but then I realized that the blame shoudl fall on the professor. At some point they need to just move on and stop taking questions. I mean they should have an idea of where the middle performers in the class are and keep the pace just past them. I am paying good money to listen to them lecture and I am not paying all this money so some dumb kid can be spoonfed the lesson plans on a daily basis. I just had 2 classes today where at least half of the course time was spent teaching these kids easy concepts that they should have picked up from the reading. I am getting tired of that. Oh well. Hopefully i'll have some time this weekend to write a decent post. Right now I am caught up in trying to do good and these kids are getting in my way. It is annoying.


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