Friday, February 18, 2005

Honesty In Politics

An oxymoron right? Well for some. The lady from congressional district 47 in California, Loretta Sanchez, was questioning Donald Rumsfeld today during a committee meeting. She was accusing him of 'bandy'(ing) around numbers about the level of Iraqi policemen in Iraq. He didn't know what she was talking about and said that they weren't his numbers they were General Petreus' numbers. So she says "I have Petreus' numbers. They're differant than your numbers, by the way". He then tells her that their not different if the date is the same. He he tells her the date that he got his numbers "February 14". He then asks her "Whats yours"? Her reply "December 20". She is a freaking congresswoman. She is trying to make Donald Rumsfeld look bad by using old numbers. Democrats have continually tried to underestimate the number of Iraqi's that are trained to fight. I am glad it has come to the surface that the reason they have such low numbers is they just use numbers that are 2 months old. This doesn't pass the smell test folks. It stinks. Where is the media coverage for this? Oh yeah they are busy trying to create territorial disputes for our new intelligence head. I know I have said earlier on this that I would try and not be biased. I have reported things that republicans have done that don't pass the smell test either. This is just blatant and I wish it would get the coverage it deserves. This is the type of manipulation that goes on that makes it impossible to trust politicians.


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