Sunday, February 20, 2005

funny stuff

I caught this little ditty today
It's pretty funny stuff. I wish I had a chance to look at my exams here and the comments that were put on them, but like one of the commenters said on that post said that less than 20% percent of the class actually gets to look at their exams and I didn't fall into that category (luckily). Anyways that comment made me think about professors and how people complain about how mean they are. Some are and some aren't. I find myself wishing that they would be angrier and meaner. People make dumb comments in class and ask stupid questions. If they were afraid that the professor would bit their head off then they would keep their mouth shut and I would learn more. I think the socratic method needs to be revived.
Also what is the deal with this 'I Pass' crap? I mean at first it was thought of as a horror if you said it and now almost every other day I hear those words. Why have people quit reading? Don't get me wrong I love it and they will be worse off during exam time, but I get annoyed with this attitude that they can say pass and then twenty minutes later ask the professor to repeat everything he has said since last wednesday!!! It really chaps my ass. I am paying a premium amount for this education and I don't want to learn less because you refuse to work hard outside of class.
Also why are these kids expecting law school professors to coddle them? I mean we all at a minimum have a bachelor's degree. We should understand how to learn and how to do work on our own. Why do people still expect the professors to hold their hand the whole way through. Are these people going to ask a judge to be nicer to him when said judge is sending thier client to jail? Are they going to complain that the judge should have been more constructive? These professors are preparing students to be lawyers in a damn competitive, cutthroat legal world. When someone says 'your going to jail' as a comment they could be correct. Remember that gross errors on law school exams draw harsh comments, but gross errors while practicing law get you thrown in jail or at a minimum slapped over the head with a hefty rule 11.
In sum I just want people to grow up. Mean, biting criticism can be very constructive if you use it in the proper way. We are all adults and we should take this criticism. Let us not forgot that law school is a weeding out program so that employers can find out who to hire based on your rank. It is an ugly system that we all voluntarily joined full well knowing how harsh it can be. Don't take a vacation to the Sahari and then complain about the lack of water.


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