Sunday, February 20, 2005


I am starting to see the tide turn on the Iraq War. I am seeing columnists and journalists actually looking at it as a good thing. They are starting to realize that other nations in the Arab world are looking at this as a positive step forward. Lebanon people actually stoop up and told the Syrian government to get out of their country. Thomas Friedman (in an opinion piece in the NY Times) is calling this an 'Arab Renaissance'. I think our country is finally remembering how precious freedom is. We have fought more than one war over freedom. I remember one great patriot, Patrick Henry, who said "give me liberty or give me death". Now I admit to you that losing american lives has been tough and it will always be tough, but lets look at what has been gained. A whole nation that can now look forward to freedom and democracy. They have the opportunity to empower their country with all the essential freedoms that we hold dear and they couldn't even dream of just 3 short years ago. I think people are finally viewing our soldier's sacrifice in the proper light. They gave their lives towards the same cause that our forefathers fought for so many years ago. I think they would be proud to see us standing up for nations that can't help themselves. I dare say that George Washington would come to understand this as an exception to his entangling alliances theory.
Lastly I just want to make sure that we remember those who stood in opposition to freedom. We have short memories sometimes and we are all too often able to give people credit where it is not due. Let's not allow those that opposed this to use our great victory as an advantage to themselves. I am reminded of the Democrat from West Virginia who led a 14 hour filibuster to try and keep the Civil Rights Act of 1964 from being passed. You say that those ideas are gone, but then you look at the Senate's make up and see that yes Robert Byrd, the former Ku Klux Klansman, is still in the senate and is actually the Dean of the Senate for the Democrats. He wrote a letter in the early 90's to the KKK's imperial wizard saying that the Klan was needed in West Virginia now more than ever and he was 'anxious' to see its rebirth.
I am using that example to show that we shouldn't forget the past so quickly. Lets show our opposition to those who opposed freedom every step of the way. They went as far as to try and not fund the effort. They called us occupiers and they called war criminals. Many countries continued to work against us even after the war started. France still can't get it right since they are refusing to call Hezbollah a terrorist group and allowing them to collect money through charity organizations. Let's remember what these people said and did and when they try to use this momentous swing of power to the individuals in the Arab world let's call them on it. Let's say you were agianst this every step of the way and you now have no right to hijack the good that comes from it. We should also lead an investigation into France's connection to terrorism. They sold arms to the Iraqi's well after we had invaded them. They will not denounce Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and so Hezbollah is allowed to raise money legally. Let's take those who stand by and allow terrorism to happen and let's hold them responsible for what they are doing.


At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's interesting how in your "rhetoric" you repeat "Let's not forget..." making your "cause" seem a just one. Well, lest you forget, this war was not a one-sided one. How many innocent civilians died on the other side? How many atrocities did the American soldiers commit on them? And while you talk about not forgetting those who opposed freedom, I ask you to name one person with such misguided goals. The issue was never whether or not freedom is good. The issues were always whether or not this president's means of achieving that freedom were just or just a pretext; whether there was a right to usurping a country's system and imposing your own; whether it was in this country's best interest to sacrifice economic security at home for private overseas interests; etc. Your understanding of the issues is shallow. But hey, it's your blog, so you rule sovereign...

At 9:59 AM, Blogger Jerry said...

Funny how people talk about how the Americams go to other countries and fight for their freedom when right here in the USA people don't know what freedom is. There was a very short time right after the revolution that Americans were free, but it scaired them so badly they started giving up their freedoms for security. What was it Ben Franklen said about that? Something like, Those that give up their freedom for a little security deserves niether.

And then people constantly mention freedom and democracy in the same sentence. Isn't democracy discribed as two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. I guess the two wolves get their freedom but the sheep doesn't.

In other words we are free to impose what the majority wants over what the minority wants. The major enslaves the minor. Same as power suppressing the weak.

I will shut up now. I just wish people would figure out what freedom really is before they start talking about it.


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