Friday, January 28, 2005

Big Pimpin

Yes this title is purposely misleading. So I was going out on a run last night. I am going down this one street and I see these two girls get out of this car. They are very good looking. I thought I was looking good, even though all you could see of me was my eyes because it was 2 degrees outside. Anyways I was running past them and one of the girls and I had our eyes meet. So I gave her a little wink and a smile thinking I was just the suavest thing ever to come to New York. Not five steps up I had to take a left to go down to the Promenade. So I was concentrating on everything except running at this point. Next thing I know I have forgotten about how the sidewalk isn't even and my right foot apparently forgot also So my foot catches and I go down. It wasn't your normal falling down either. No I was so oblivious that I hit the ground rolling. I am talking like head to toe straight up and down rolling. I came to an abrupt stop. It didn't take me long to realize that the snow piles that are about 4 feet tall that gather between the cars and the sidewalk, which are the grossest piles of snow ever, had stopped my rolling. With IPod earphones in and music blaring I could still hear the girls laughing. So my ego took a little bit of a blow and I quickly got up and continued running. I am hoping maybe i'll run into the girl later and we can have a good laugh and obviously she will want me because I am able to laugh at myself. yeah i'll just keep telling myself that


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