Monday, November 08, 2004


So I tried to make a post on friday, but decided to be dumb and not post it. I am mad about that because it was a long well articulated post. Oh well I guess that is life. I have now decided that I will try and write a paper this summer about my new theory of criminal law. I am not going to say much about it because I haven't thought it through all that well and I don't want anybody stealing it. It is basically a theory of how we justify the legal decisions we make in the area of criminal law. Not really a fun read for about 90% of the population. Oh well I am writing it for nerds anyways.
On a completely different note I am going to ask a girl out on a date for this weekend. Not the other girl I was pining over a while ago, that kind of died out. It was one of those things were there was just no momentum and so things just stopped. This new girl is idealistically opposite end of the spectrum from me, but we will see how that works out. She is very cute and I think it is really fun to talk to people that aren't stuck in a law school building 50 hours a week. So I am going to get her number from my friend tomorrow, her friend also, and call her. I'll update on how that goes. I am off to bed so that I can exercise in the morning. Knowing that you may have a date in a week really encourages you to not be lazy and go running. Until next time...


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