Monday, October 04, 2004


So I started watching a new television series on Showtime in demand. I think they have really good shows on there. I am quite suprised actually. Anyways the name of it is odyssey 5. It will now fill my hour or so of television watching I get to do most days.
For those that don't know it it is about a space crew that is up in space and while up there the earth blows up. I mean completely blown up. They are going to die because they only have so much oxygen. So the strap in and decide to let things go. They all pass out from lack of oxygen. They wake up inside this giant ship. It isn't really like a ship though. All you see is this giant white space. This alien greets them and tells them they can go back in time if they want. They would go 5 years and that would allow them to search for whatever did this. Apparently it had been happening all over the universe and they were the first to survive it. They have to make a snap decision because one crew member got hit in the head and is dying and she will only live for 2 more minutes and once dead she can't go back. They decide to go back.
Now they are all 5 years in the past, but their mind is the same as it should be. They are trying to find out about what happened and trying to stop it. I know it sounds like a goofy show, but it is really good. It really makes you think. I mean what would you do if you got to go back 5 years in the past. One guy bet on a football game, but it turns out his bet caused a chain reaction of events that led to the kicker hearing that there were all these huge bets riding on his highly unfavored team to win and he ended up missing the kick that he had originally made in the past. These people try to change some events they remembered, but sometimes in trying to make them right they sufficiently change them and something else happens.
That leaves me with a lot of neat questions. Mostly about time travel and the possibility of it. Apparently Stephen F. Hawking thinks we can do it. His theory is summed up like this. Time is like a piece of string. To travel in time you just have to bring together two seperate points on the string. He gets into this whole thing about how triangles don't always equal 180 degrees if stretched out on certain surfaces. After he gets into this I really just lose him. He is way smarter than I will ever be. If any reader can shed any light feel free to please do that. I had a lot to write in this post about how this relates to the law and how happenstance it actually is. I think I will hold off on that because I haven't fully developed the ideas yet.
I think it is neat to think about what you would do if you went 5 years back. What would you try to change? I tried to think about it and I realize that I don't know what I would do. You effectively have the ability to change the future, but any change you make could cause unknown amounts of harm. I still think that life is a series of reactions. When you decide to do something then life happens in accordance with that. Say for instance I decide to go drink and drive one night and I wreck into a car. This ends up killing the woman that was driving, but had I not hit her she would have given birth to a terrorist that kills 5,000 people. You can't really say it was meant to be because you had the decision not to drink and drive and could have made it if you wanted. Every day you make decisions. Maybe not this drastic, but the point is that your decisions lend themselves to situations that could be vastly different if you made different decisions. I think the basic framework of society keeps this in check quite a bit, but I still think it is neat to think about. It is also neat to think about how sometimes the right situation is just so perfectly set up. This happens and then that happens and then the other thing happens that puts you in the perfect place at the perfect time for something good to happen. I imagine this really must freak people out when they are supposed to be on a plane that crashes or on a bus that crashes. I think that would really mess with me. Oh well too much thinking about causation in torts can really lead to these long posts.


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