Sunday, October 03, 2004

There are bad things about NY

I am becoming extremely busy. I am posting this week about a day in my life. As you can tell from less and less frequent posting I have become more and more busy. As is the life of a law student. The bad thing about NY is it's proximity to New Jersey and the fact that many people from New Jersey are here. I know this will offend many, but I am sorry you will just have to live with it. New Jersey can't be on the list of states nobod would notice if it just dissapeared, because there would be a big party and everyone would be happy to see it go. NJ is just one giant suburb of rude people with extremely annoying accents and no class what so ever. Don't get so offended though because this is aimed at one single person who is really pissing me off. No etiquette at all this person. These are the times when I miss the south and the fact that people have general consideration down there.


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