Saturday, October 16, 2004


I have been reading a good bit of political slant lately. Yes I use the word slant intentionally. I have been reading very left leaning articles found in very left leaning publications and very right leaning articles in very right leaning publications. The one thing that really jumps out at me is John Kerry's plan for health care. let me begin this with saying that I don't think health care is a right. I know that is a harsh view, but that is the way I see it. I think in today's age we are almost willing to say that anything is a right. One source is the UN's human rights proposal that says vacation time is a human right. Anyways, the subject at hand is John kerry's plan for health care.
So this is what I understand his proposal to say. It is not government health care because people have a choice, yet it will put 22 million people on government controlled health care. It will be paid for by rolling back tax cuts for the wealthy. The wealthy being the top 10% that just so happen to pay 90% of the taxes in the US. I will not touch the issue of whether or not this plan will be fully funded by just rolling back those tax cuts. He, the liberal Senator from Mass., is pushing a plan that does not align with his fairness rhetoric. He wants to fund a nationalized health care plan by making the rich pay for it. this seems an awful lot like a policy that Karl Marx was pushing. Why do we want to penalize wealth? Why do we say that because you make more you should pay more? Rich americans actually use phenominally less services than poor americans. Rich americans spend more, employ more, invest more, and keep our markets afloat. I don't see this huge problem with a flat tax, but that is for another day. I guess I just donI't see why the rich should pay for the poors health care. Also I agree with what Bush says about letting your government run health care. He says it will make health care worse.
Let's first think of other programs run by the government. I am sure the DMV is a bastion of efficiency where you are from, but everywhere I have lived the DMV sucks. You wait for hours to fill out one little form. Then you wait even longer. Then you fill out another form. Then they process the forms and three weeks later you are allowed to fill out another form and finally they change your address. A bit exaggerated but for a reason. Let's also look at Canada. That great example of free health care that John Kerry refers to when he says we are the only post industrialized country not to offer free health care. Canada is in a health care crisis. Doctors don't stay in their communities. They can't afford to and aren't willing to do their highly specialized work for low government wages. People can't see a doctor. they have to go to the emergency room for things like common colds. This turns into an eight hour wait just to see a doctor to prescribe some cold medication. This is ridiculous. Our health care will be like that. Also don't let him fool you saying that you can opt not to use his socialized health care. That is not the issue. The issue is that whether or not you want to you will pay for it.
Less governmental control is ideal. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor should not be allowed. Don't get fooled into this Robin Hood rhetoric. The rich are not evil. John Kerry himself is extremely rich. His wife is on the Forbes 400 list of richest americans. As our con law teacher put it "Just because the states are ok with a federal law that supercedes federal power doesn't make it Constitutional". Just because a majority of people want socialized health care and just because John kerry is willing to give it to you doesn't make it right. I think I have a right not to pay for your health care. I feel sorry for the wealthy american that works thier butt off making this nation better and then has a presidential candidate basically say screw you I don't care about you. It's called pandering. Just because the minority here are rich doesn't mean you can't feel bad for them or support them. I am sure that if you decided to raise taxes on the bottom 2 percent than you would be denounced by many as a terrible person or worse. I defy anyone to prove how this is different. What makes this nation great is that you don't have to do things just because you can afford to. We are a free country and part of that freedom is being able to do what you want with your money. Taking things(money in this instance) just because someone can afford it is a terribly slippery slope. What comes next? Under Kerry's plan if you can afford it than you should be able to give it to the government so they can ration it out. If elected to office I hope to not hear any complaints from democrats about thier taxes going up. This is not a wolf in sheep's clothing. This is a wolf with a bullhorn yelling out that he is a wolf. Don't be suprised to find out that yes he is a wolf.


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