Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Apparently it is the proper time for students to start freaking out over outlines. Study groups are being made and people are starting with them. I have yet to start this craze. I think that it could be more efficiently done if you start a bit later in the semester.
I thought the best thing about law school was the free lunches. Lots of them. The only problem is that they always feed us these little sandwhich things. They were good the first 8 times, but you think they could go for something new. If I was a professor I think that I would protest for some new food.
Also a little tip for a professor. If eating at a small round table with a bunch of students and the point of the lunch is to ask you questions then please don't eat the veggie wrap. That mix of vegetables gets completely intertwined in your teeth and just is not fun at all to look at. Big green splotches take away from your credibility I promise you.


At 7:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy~ Just saying hi since there don't seem to be too many other comments. Perhaps you could start leaving clever little comments to yourself anonymously and hope the trend catches on.

Anyhow, I hope law school continues to go well...and the key to eating veggie wraps and talking at the same time is to take a big gulp of your drink and surreptitiously swish it around in your mouth after each bite. Being a vegetarian and all, I have encountered this problem many times on dates and whatnot. Of course, if it's a bad date, then I make a point not to take a sip of anything all evening and smile as widely as possible after every comment. It works wonders.

Take care...


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