Friday, October 08, 2004

here we go

This is going to be a multi-post night. The first response tonight will deal with law schools and the others w/other topics. So here we go. I got a comment from crawford said that it changed his/her mind about law school. I am amazed with this. I am happy to know I can make some sort of impact. I now really want to make sure that my blog is realistic. I dont' want to falsely impact anyone.
so law school. I am just speaking about my school because that is all I know. If you think it is going to be like Turow's book 1L then you are wrong. Professors are much nicer than that. They can be stern though. One girl kept asking professors to repeat themselves. She was obviously not paying much attention and always came up with questions that made her not the favorite person to everyone in the class. One teacher told her off though. She asked for the teacher to repeat herself and the teacher goes "haven't you been listening? I have said that like 6 times now. You need to pick up the book and actually read it." this is a very calm teacher. The next class the girl asked her to clarify and she said "the book does a fine job of that. Pick it up." So I guess where I am leading with this is that law school can be harsh. You really have to put in the work and if you do that you will be fine. Yes it is tougher than undergrad and doing your absolute best does not mean you will make an A by a long shot. It is more of a real world enviroment.
don't get me wrong though because I really do enjoy it. The law is so pervasive in our society and it is really interesting to see the gears behind the machinery so to speak. I think it is not quite as hard as everyone expected. There is a whole lot of reading and a whole lot of work. It only picks up and never lets down, but I enjoy it. I think what people aren't ready for is the stress. It is a completely different stress from undergrad. One test per semester doesn't really let you know how you are doing. You either do well or you don't. I think the real misnomer is that you are alone in this. I mean of course you have your students for support, but I think people don't realize how well the teachers reach out to you. They really try and help you as best they can. They enjoy being teachers and every single one of them understand what you are going through. Going to law school was a great decision for me. It has opened up more doors than I could every imagine and given me a responsibility that I love. I think it is a great thing that one day I could make a difference in many peoples lives and for the better or worse. I think the best part about it is that through law you are shaping society. I love having a hand in this. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
So to sum it up I am very happy with the decision I made. Law school is very tough, but it is extremely rewarding. Much more rewarding, to me, than undergrad. I also have met some awesome people. It is tough to decide to go to law school also because it is extremely expensive. I think I am getting more out of it than the money is worth.
One dumb example is watching the vice-presidential debates and seeing them talk about issues that we study. it was about the defense of marriage act and how John Edwards said that if you let each state decide than other states wouldn't have to accept the one states decision. The obvious thing is that through full faith and credit you would have to accept the contracts made in another state. I, and some other students, had lunch with our constitutional law professor the other day. We asked her about this, and she was telling us how she was discussing this with her colleagues. Her colleagues are extremely well respected people within the constitutional law realm. It's awesome to know that one day me and my colleagues will be the ones dealing with these issues. It's amazing to know that one day you may be making the argument that may changes millions of peoples lives and freedoms.


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