Monday, October 18, 2004

free time and briefs

As free time begins to dwindle and my work load begins to considerably pick up I am really understanding why law students often have to give up things they used to do. I see this on two levels. One is the obvious that you must give up some things to complete the work load (man I do hate making outlines. Damn things take forever). The other is that I do different things with my free time. I am beginning to really be compelled w/criminal law. It is very interesting to me and I may even be pushing to look into that area of law as a career. So with that said I have now found myself reading an amicus brief in the Roper v. Simmonsis case that is before the supreme court. I believe they have already had oral arguments(I am not sure though and will read them when they are put on the website). Anyways the whole point is that I spend the little free time I have doing different things than I used to. I like it, but it is also nice just to veg out and watch television. Enjoy your freetime in college. Enjoy free time in the early goings of law school. It does seem to evaporate as the time goes on.


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