Monday, October 25, 2004

Blame it on the rain

After working on my memo for the umpteenth hour I decided to take a little break and peruse the internet. Had I not been working on my memo and watched saturday night live I would have seen something hilarious. No this was not intented by the comedians, I don't think it is very funny anymore. Their musical guest was Ashlee Simpson. She came out and player her one song that has been a 'hit'. she came out the second time and they started playing that song again. Then you started to hear here voice sing it. I believe that means that she was lip-syncing. That is hilarious to me. After about a minute of the music playing she walks off stage and SNL cut to commercial. I always think it is funny to see things like this. To me music is a talent and playing well on stage is a test of how talented you are. Things like what she was doing is equatable to fraud. If I bought a ticket and saw her show I would sue her. Maybe when I am an attorney i'll do class actions against lip-syncing musicians. She then had the guall to blame it on her band. At the closing credits she said sorry people, but my band started playing the wrong song. I think she meant to say that the technician back stage played the wrong track on the CD. Also if you didn't know it before now than this is solid proof that nothing on MTV is real. I like the real world, but I could write a better script. The best part is that it is pretty much the same show time after time and people don't realize that it is because MTV tells them what to do. 'Oh wow there is always an angry black guy' Anonymous. No this is not because black guys are angry. If your only exposure to black culture is through MTV you probably think that. It is because MTV tells their male black cast member to ask angry. "wow somebody always hooks up with a fellow cast member" anonymous. No MTV tells two people that they will be hooking up. I still watch the show but have a bit of perspective. So as the title goes we can just 'blame it on the rain' as Ashlee Simpson joins the ranks of such greats as Milli Vanilli. HA HA HA


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