Monday, October 25, 2004

Blame it on the rain

After working on my memo for the umpteenth hour I decided to take a little break and peruse the internet. Had I not been working on my memo and watched saturday night live I would have seen something hilarious. No this was not intented by the comedians, I don't think it is very funny anymore. Their musical guest was Ashlee Simpson. She came out and player her one song that has been a 'hit'. she came out the second time and they started playing that song again. Then you started to hear here voice sing it. I believe that means that she was lip-syncing. That is hilarious to me. After about a minute of the music playing she walks off stage and SNL cut to commercial. I always think it is funny to see things like this. To me music is a talent and playing well on stage is a test of how talented you are. Things like what she was doing is equatable to fraud. If I bought a ticket and saw her show I would sue her. Maybe when I am an attorney i'll do class actions against lip-syncing musicians. She then had the guall to blame it on her band. At the closing credits she said sorry people, but my band started playing the wrong song. I think she meant to say that the technician back stage played the wrong track on the CD. Also if you didn't know it before now than this is solid proof that nothing on MTV is real. I like the real world, but I could write a better script. The best part is that it is pretty much the same show time after time and people don't realize that it is because MTV tells them what to do. 'Oh wow there is always an angry black guy' Anonymous. No this is not because black guys are angry. If your only exposure to black culture is through MTV you probably think that. It is because MTV tells their male black cast member to ask angry. "wow somebody always hooks up with a fellow cast member" anonymous. No MTV tells two people that they will be hooking up. I still watch the show but have a bit of perspective. So as the title goes we can just 'blame it on the rain' as Ashlee Simpson joins the ranks of such greats as Milli Vanilli. HA HA HA

Thursday, October 21, 2004


I read other people's blogs. One guy, that for a long time posted many things about how he disliked Bush, decided to change his vote and vote for Bush. He did it becuase of personal reasons that he decided not to post. His normal comment stream had maybe 5 or 6 comments, which is a lot, per post. This one had 27 and I would not be suprised to see it go up. the point of this is not a pro Bush or a pro Kerry post. The thing is that I don't like the political discourse in this state. EVERYONE here is a liberal and they view having conservative views as a bad thing. I express conservative views about the death penalty and strict liability crimes and people go nuts. New York considers itself very 'progressive'. I don't like the way that word is communly used in popular vernacular, but if they were so open and accepting than wouldn't they accept views that they didn't believe in? Doesn't it go against their views to not be accepting? it just doesn't seem like open discourse here. I don't like that at all. Also this makes it tough for other people to express their views because the liberals seem to dominate the discussion and seem appalled when anyone disagrees with them. There are notable exceptions to this, but I am complaining of the masses.
Secondly today I would like to write that Bill O'Reilly's impending litigation is quite interesting. They have put in a pre-trial motion trying to get defendant to turn over the supposed tapes if they have them. I doubt it will work and they will have to follow normal voir dire procedures, but I am curious about this. It seems to me that many people in his profession seem to support him. I think tapes would seem very dispositive. I also think that 60 million is a stupid figure to ask for. She may as well be asking for a million gajillion dollars. No court in their right mind would allow for a 60 million verdict especially if there is no physical touching. We'll see how it works out. As I hear new things I will post.
Lastly I learned that in California their highest court decides whether or not to publish opinions. Cases actually have to meet a certain criteria to be published. They can depublish cases and when they do this they no longer appear in the official reporters. They still remain in the unofficial reporters, but you cannot cite to them and you cannot use them as authority. I am trying to find out if there is somewhere that publishes their reasoning for depublishing these things. If anyone knows please tell me. thanks

Monday, October 18, 2004

free time and briefs

As free time begins to dwindle and my work load begins to considerably pick up I am really understanding why law students often have to give up things they used to do. I see this on two levels. One is the obvious that you must give up some things to complete the work load (man I do hate making outlines. Damn things take forever). The other is that I do different things with my free time. I am beginning to really be compelled w/criminal law. It is very interesting to me and I may even be pushing to look into that area of law as a career. So with that said I have now found myself reading an amicus brief in the Roper v. Simmonsis case that is before the supreme court. I believe they have already had oral arguments(I am not sure though and will read them when they are put on the website). Anyways the whole point is that I spend the little free time I have doing different things than I used to. I like it, but it is also nice just to veg out and watch television. Enjoy your freetime in college. Enjoy free time in the early goings of law school. It does seem to evaporate as the time goes on.

Homosexuality, the death penalty, and prostitution

A lot has been made over Senator Kerry's remark about Cheney's daughter being a lesbian. Has this been made into too big a deal? Sure it has. Is anyone actually buying it that Kerry said this remark with no political agenda? I hope not. There is an obvious rift when you have a president who wants to Constitutionally ban gay marriage and a vice president with a gay daughter. This has been a tough political issue. Kerry brought it up as a political issue. He used her as an example to push the fact that a conservative has pro-gay beliefs. it was obviously done politically. I think this issue has been blown way out of proportion, but oh well.
The death penalty is a very tough issue. It is extremely hard I think because it is the ultimate in finality. There is no turning back once it is carried out. That means that if you later find out you were wrong then too bad. I don't like all the talk that it is improperly applied and disproportionately affects minorities. This is because we all have the same legal system. We are all subject to the same rules under the legal system. More minorites are convicted of many crimes. They are convicted in higher proportions in many crimes. Does that mean that these laws are wrong? Should we get rid of drug laws because minorities are being convicted more than non-minorities? Of course not. I feel the same way about the death penalty. I think there are very convincing arguments against the death penalty, but this is just not one of them. I would say if you dont' want to face the death penalty than don't commit murder, but I think the strongest argument against the death penalty is that if you falsely execute even 1 person than that is too much error alone. It is a tough issue and I will be curious how the Supreme Court deals with the validity of executing a minor.
That is an entirely different issue. Can we apply (assuming it is proper) the death penalty to someone who is under the age of 18? It is generally accepted that it is cruel and unusual punishment to do this. Also there are culpability requirements that are dealt with differently with underage people. I would find it hard to impose the death penalty on a minor, but I know when I was 16 I understood what murder was and I was capable enough to make the rational decision to never do it. I understand the ramifications. I think it deals with not knowing where to draw the line. Do we draw it at an exceptionally smart 12 year old or what about a really dumb 17 year old. It is tough.
Lastly on a different note some 8th graders were found to be running a felatio prostitution ring. For 10 dollars males would get serviced by different girls taht were in 8th grade. Most of the males were a bit older, but not much older. The 8th grade girl that set it all up would get 2 dollars a 'job'. I am amazed by 2 things about this. The first and most obvious is that who does this in 8th grade? When I was in 8th grade I thought kissing a girl was a major thing. I was just beginning to explore male and female relationships. I think that kids are starting to do things with each other at a younger and younger age, but I am tempered by the thought that all people must think this and I assume that it always starts at a relatively certain age w/exceptions. Secondly I am amazed that the girl set up this organized crime ring. My only business experience in eight grade was selling candy bars door to door. I would never have had the foresight to arrange meetings between people and take 2 dollars for each one you arrange. I don't think i would have fully grasped the concept of the 2 dollars adding up or the concept of being a middle man in an illegal operation. Watch this girl end up a forbes 500 executive or something like that one day. That or an organized crime figure. Maybe i'll prosecute her one day. Wouldn't that be fun.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


I have been reading a good bit of political slant lately. Yes I use the word slant intentionally. I have been reading very left leaning articles found in very left leaning publications and very right leaning articles in very right leaning publications. The one thing that really jumps out at me is John Kerry's plan for health care. let me begin this with saying that I don't think health care is a right. I know that is a harsh view, but that is the way I see it. I think in today's age we are almost willing to say that anything is a right. One source is the UN's human rights proposal that says vacation time is a human right. Anyways, the subject at hand is John kerry's plan for health care.
So this is what I understand his proposal to say. It is not government health care because people have a choice, yet it will put 22 million people on government controlled health care. It will be paid for by rolling back tax cuts for the wealthy. The wealthy being the top 10% that just so happen to pay 90% of the taxes in the US. I will not touch the issue of whether or not this plan will be fully funded by just rolling back those tax cuts. He, the liberal Senator from Mass., is pushing a plan that does not align with his fairness rhetoric. He wants to fund a nationalized health care plan by making the rich pay for it. this seems an awful lot like a policy that Karl Marx was pushing. Why do we want to penalize wealth? Why do we say that because you make more you should pay more? Rich americans actually use phenominally less services than poor americans. Rich americans spend more, employ more, invest more, and keep our markets afloat. I don't see this huge problem with a flat tax, but that is for another day. I guess I just donI't see why the rich should pay for the poors health care. Also I agree with what Bush says about letting your government run health care. He says it will make health care worse.
Let's first think of other programs run by the government. I am sure the DMV is a bastion of efficiency where you are from, but everywhere I have lived the DMV sucks. You wait for hours to fill out one little form. Then you wait even longer. Then you fill out another form. Then they process the forms and three weeks later you are allowed to fill out another form and finally they change your address. A bit exaggerated but for a reason. Let's also look at Canada. That great example of free health care that John Kerry refers to when he says we are the only post industrialized country not to offer free health care. Canada is in a health care crisis. Doctors don't stay in their communities. They can't afford to and aren't willing to do their highly specialized work for low government wages. People can't see a doctor. they have to go to the emergency room for things like common colds. This turns into an eight hour wait just to see a doctor to prescribe some cold medication. This is ridiculous. Our health care will be like that. Also don't let him fool you saying that you can opt not to use his socialized health care. That is not the issue. The issue is that whether or not you want to you will pay for it.
Less governmental control is ideal. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor should not be allowed. Don't get fooled into this Robin Hood rhetoric. The rich are not evil. John Kerry himself is extremely rich. His wife is on the Forbes 400 list of richest americans. As our con law teacher put it "Just because the states are ok with a federal law that supercedes federal power doesn't make it Constitutional". Just because a majority of people want socialized health care and just because John kerry is willing to give it to you doesn't make it right. I think I have a right not to pay for your health care. I feel sorry for the wealthy american that works thier butt off making this nation better and then has a presidential candidate basically say screw you I don't care about you. It's called pandering. Just because the minority here are rich doesn't mean you can't feel bad for them or support them. I am sure that if you decided to raise taxes on the bottom 2 percent than you would be denounced by many as a terrible person or worse. I defy anyone to prove how this is different. What makes this nation great is that you don't have to do things just because you can afford to. We are a free country and part of that freedom is being able to do what you want with your money. Taking things(money in this instance) just because someone can afford it is a terribly slippery slope. What comes next? Under Kerry's plan if you can afford it than you should be able to give it to the government so they can ration it out. If elected to office I hope to not hear any complaints from democrats about thier taxes going up. This is not a wolf in sheep's clothing. This is a wolf with a bullhorn yelling out that he is a wolf. Don't be suprised to find out that yes he is a wolf.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Legal Research

I actually did my first legal research project today. It was really fun. This is what I think of when I think of being a lawyer. It is really neat to take an issue and find the law on it. You go to the library and find all the cases on that subject. It is really neat. It makes me feel like I am becoming a lawyer. It is also actual progression. It is its own kind of feedback. It shows that I am really learning something. I think I am really gonna like this stuff.

Friday, October 08, 2004

snap thoughts about the debate

I thought it was a good debate. I have the normal reservations. They didn't really answer the questions asked. It seemed like an hour and a half stump speech from each candidate. I am trying to get this knocked out before there is too much said about it because I don't want to be biased. I am not going to say who I think won because that is personal. I would imagine that 99% of Bush voters say he won and 99% of Kerry voters say he won. I think these debates are too close to say who won or really pull a clear winner. I think most of the people that say who won are politically motivated.
So what is my response. This is my real response. The questions asked were a sham. If you are asked to think up a question that you might get to ask a presidential candidate then you really think about it. You ask a question that you really want to know the answer to. You put some time into it. You know the question very well. These people were stumbling through these questions. If just one or two did it then I would think that it would be contributed to asking a question on national television. Nearly everyone messed up words or had to stop and look down at the cards. Not one single person said the question without reading it straight off the card. I think it was fixed. They may have come in with their own questions, but I think they may have been changed a little bit. It just didn't pass the smell test for me. Because of that I think the credibility of these debates really takes a hit. It just didn't feel right. Those are my initial answers. I might say something later about the debate, but I doubt it. I think people determine the winner of the debate based upon whether or not they like the person. i think 99% of Bush voters will say he won and 99% of Kerry voters will say that he won. It just works out like that and I think it is pointless, especially in such a close debate, to try and point out one clear winner to anybody.

last one tonight

So that girl I had a crush on. I don't know if I have said it on here but we kissed. And we than kissed more times. We haven't done anything past it, but she sent me an e-mail asking me about what was going on. I think it seems like she has been hurt in the past and doesn't want to get involved if anything like that will happen again. I don't know what to tell her because I don't know what is going on. I like her and I know that, but everything up here is so new. I just moved almost a thousand miles away and am learning a new city and a new school and a new school of thought. I just can't tell this girl that yes I want a relationship and yes I want things to move that way. i don't know. I can't fuck up this situation though because she is a sister of one of my good friends. I also don't want to fuck up the situation. She is a great girl and I think there could be something there. I just don't know what is going to happen next week ya know. I don't mean I could run into some hot chick and wanna have sex with her. That could always happen no matter where you are. That is something that could happen in any relationship and on either side. My problem is that if law school really picks up and I don't have time to deal with things, especially a relationship because they take time, then maybe she would get mad and I just can't worry about that. I guess in the end what it boils down to is that I would like to see where things go, but I can't promise anything. Isn't that a relationship though? Isn't it that you make a promise to put that person in a certain priority in your life? I am thinking way too much about this, but I want to be able to deal with the future if it happens to come up ya know. It is a delicate situation. The older I get the more important people are. I think life sucks if people suck. sort of it is as good as everybody makes it and I don't want to be the cause of angst. Obviously I don't know what to do here. I am sure this will create interesting posts in the future though. My love life is usually creates good stories. we'll see
to end this I just want to say that this is the duality of my blog. I really want to let people know about my feelings about law school, but I also want to record my thoughts and these are my thoughts. It is weird to be this open to just anyone that wants to read it. this is the selfish part because this will be the part that I want to read later in life and think about. Maybe it adds a human aspect to all this stuff though and is of some interest. I am all blogged out. We have an oral argument tomorrow in con law. I am sure I will have something to write about tomorrow dealing with that. My initial thought is that our professor was warning us about judges that are just plain mean. I am interested though. night

second post

To start this one I want to say that when one posts on here they can change the date and time to whatever they want. I am writing these posts consecutively, but I could fudge the dates and the times it says they were posted all I want. I typically don't, but it always starts the automatic time and date a few hours earlier than you actually do it. right now it is 1:10 am but this post will say I posted at like 10:09 PM. Just to let you know.

Anyways the purpose of this post is that a first happened to me today. I was in an express with some girls from my school. They were shopping. I was hanging out because they helped me pick out a shirt earlier. A male express employee came up and starting hitting on me. It shocked me. That was the first time that had happened to me. I was polite about it and just kind of let him know that I was just here with the girls as a friend and not the gay friend. I felt bad because I know when I hit on girls it sucks to get shot down. I tried to be as nice as possible. It was a weird first for me. It is definitely not something that would happen where I am from. I don't know whether to be happy because I got hit on or not happy because I am putting out a gay vibe.

that brings me to a second point. At home the norm was that every guy wasn't gay. I know this sounds small minded, but it was true. That is life. We have a question about one of our friends because a comment he made. We think he might just be gay. It makes you much more conscious of what you say around people. Not that we are going to say anything bad, but it just makes you think twice before you say things. That could be a very good thing.

here we go

This is going to be a multi-post night. The first response tonight will deal with law schools and the others w/other topics. So here we go. I got a comment from crawford said that it changed his/her mind about law school. I am amazed with this. I am happy to know I can make some sort of impact. I now really want to make sure that my blog is realistic. I dont' want to falsely impact anyone.
so law school. I am just speaking about my school because that is all I know. If you think it is going to be like Turow's book 1L then you are wrong. Professors are much nicer than that. They can be stern though. One girl kept asking professors to repeat themselves. She was obviously not paying much attention and always came up with questions that made her not the favorite person to everyone in the class. One teacher told her off though. She asked for the teacher to repeat herself and the teacher goes "haven't you been listening? I have said that like 6 times now. You need to pick up the book and actually read it." this is a very calm teacher. The next class the girl asked her to clarify and she said "the book does a fine job of that. Pick it up." So I guess where I am leading with this is that law school can be harsh. You really have to put in the work and if you do that you will be fine. Yes it is tougher than undergrad and doing your absolute best does not mean you will make an A by a long shot. It is more of a real world enviroment.
don't get me wrong though because I really do enjoy it. The law is so pervasive in our society and it is really interesting to see the gears behind the machinery so to speak. I think it is not quite as hard as everyone expected. There is a whole lot of reading and a whole lot of work. It only picks up and never lets down, but I enjoy it. I think what people aren't ready for is the stress. It is a completely different stress from undergrad. One test per semester doesn't really let you know how you are doing. You either do well or you don't. I think the real misnomer is that you are alone in this. I mean of course you have your students for support, but I think people don't realize how well the teachers reach out to you. They really try and help you as best they can. They enjoy being teachers and every single one of them understand what you are going through. Going to law school was a great decision for me. It has opened up more doors than I could every imagine and given me a responsibility that I love. I think it is a great thing that one day I could make a difference in many peoples lives and for the better or worse. I think the best part about it is that through law you are shaping society. I love having a hand in this. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
So to sum it up I am very happy with the decision I made. Law school is very tough, but it is extremely rewarding. Much more rewarding, to me, than undergrad. I also have met some awesome people. It is tough to decide to go to law school also because it is extremely expensive. I think I am getting more out of it than the money is worth.
One dumb example is watching the vice-presidential debates and seeing them talk about issues that we study. it was about the defense of marriage act and how John Edwards said that if you let each state decide than other states wouldn't have to accept the one states decision. The obvious thing is that through full faith and credit you would have to accept the contracts made in another state. I, and some other students, had lunch with our constitutional law professor the other day. We asked her about this, and she was telling us how she was discussing this with her colleagues. Her colleagues are extremely well respected people within the constitutional law realm. It's awesome to know that one day me and my colleagues will be the ones dealing with these issues. It's amazing to know that one day you may be making the argument that may changes millions of peoples lives and freedoms.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Apparently it is the proper time for students to start freaking out over outlines. Study groups are being made and people are starting with them. I have yet to start this craze. I think that it could be more efficiently done if you start a bit later in the semester.
I thought the best thing about law school was the free lunches. Lots of them. The only problem is that they always feed us these little sandwhich things. They were good the first 8 times, but you think they could go for something new. If I was a professor I think that I would protest for some new food.
Also a little tip for a professor. If eating at a small round table with a bunch of students and the point of the lunch is to ask you questions then please don't eat the veggie wrap. That mix of vegetables gets completely intertwined in your teeth and just is not fun at all to look at. Big green splotches take away from your credibility I promise you.

Monday, October 04, 2004


So I started watching a new television series on Showtime in demand. I think they have really good shows on there. I am quite suprised actually. Anyways the name of it is odyssey 5. It will now fill my hour or so of television watching I get to do most days.
For those that don't know it it is about a space crew that is up in space and while up there the earth blows up. I mean completely blown up. They are going to die because they only have so much oxygen. So the strap in and decide to let things go. They all pass out from lack of oxygen. They wake up inside this giant ship. It isn't really like a ship though. All you see is this giant white space. This alien greets them and tells them they can go back in time if they want. They would go 5 years and that would allow them to search for whatever did this. Apparently it had been happening all over the universe and they were the first to survive it. They have to make a snap decision because one crew member got hit in the head and is dying and she will only live for 2 more minutes and once dead she can't go back. They decide to go back.
Now they are all 5 years in the past, but their mind is the same as it should be. They are trying to find out about what happened and trying to stop it. I know it sounds like a goofy show, but it is really good. It really makes you think. I mean what would you do if you got to go back 5 years in the past. One guy bet on a football game, but it turns out his bet caused a chain reaction of events that led to the kicker hearing that there were all these huge bets riding on his highly unfavored team to win and he ended up missing the kick that he had originally made in the past. These people try to change some events they remembered, but sometimes in trying to make them right they sufficiently change them and something else happens.
That leaves me with a lot of neat questions. Mostly about time travel and the possibility of it. Apparently Stephen F. Hawking thinks we can do it. His theory is summed up like this. Time is like a piece of string. To travel in time you just have to bring together two seperate points on the string. He gets into this whole thing about how triangles don't always equal 180 degrees if stretched out on certain surfaces. After he gets into this I really just lose him. He is way smarter than I will ever be. If any reader can shed any light feel free to please do that. I had a lot to write in this post about how this relates to the law and how happenstance it actually is. I think I will hold off on that because I haven't fully developed the ideas yet.
I think it is neat to think about what you would do if you went 5 years back. What would you try to change? I tried to think about it and I realize that I don't know what I would do. You effectively have the ability to change the future, but any change you make could cause unknown amounts of harm. I still think that life is a series of reactions. When you decide to do something then life happens in accordance with that. Say for instance I decide to go drink and drive one night and I wreck into a car. This ends up killing the woman that was driving, but had I not hit her she would have given birth to a terrorist that kills 5,000 people. You can't really say it was meant to be because you had the decision not to drink and drive and could have made it if you wanted. Every day you make decisions. Maybe not this drastic, but the point is that your decisions lend themselves to situations that could be vastly different if you made different decisions. I think the basic framework of society keeps this in check quite a bit, but I still think it is neat to think about. It is also neat to think about how sometimes the right situation is just so perfectly set up. This happens and then that happens and then the other thing happens that puts you in the perfect place at the perfect time for something good to happen. I imagine this really must freak people out when they are supposed to be on a plane that crashes or on a bus that crashes. I think that would really mess with me. Oh well too much thinking about causation in torts can really lead to these long posts.

A day in the life

I said I would do it so here it is:
A day in the life of a law student. I have to warn you though that it is not terribly interesting

8:10 A.M. Wake up and realize you are running late. Oh crap staying up late agian doing torts homework always makes me late.
8:30 A.M. Get out of the shower and realize that you forgot to turn on the coffee pot. CRAP!!! That is a really important thing.
8:50 A.M. Get out of the door and head to class. Thank God that you are so close to your school.
9:00 A.M. Arrive to class just in time to open Word and your book. Class begins. You talk for an hour about mental culpability standards. You have a case about a guy who slept with this girl. This guy was retarded and was around 22. The girl was 13, but her and her friends told him she was 16. He ended up sleeping with her. She got pregnant and parents got mad and reported it. Still a bit confused on this point so don't go handing out free legal advice, but we have basically decided as a society that this is a strict liability crime and it is just too bad for the retarded among us. We then talk about strict liability crimes and how it applies to certain elements of the crime and not other elements of the crime. We then have a break.
10:00 A.M. We get back from break on a new subject. We are talking about this native american couple that had a kid and they weren't very educated at all. The kid got a tooth infection that eventually turned into gangreen and he ended up dying from it. Apparently after these parents were convicted of negligent homicide the legislature changed the law. We were learning how criminal negligence is a higher standard than tort negligence, but it is a lower standard then recklesness. We continue on this for a while and then class is over.
10:50 A.M. Use my small break inbetween class to use the restroom and grab some water.
11:00 A.M. Enter torts class. We start talking about negligence. We are going over the standard for professionals such as doctors. We are talking about how they have a standard of a reasonable person in their profession. That is much higher than the standard of a reasonable man. We talk about a case where a guy is initially found liable for negligence, but later on it is reversed because the testimony of the expert witnesses never said that an x-ray was needed and at the time the x-ray was not standard practice. So the screws he put in her leg that caused her pain and all the problems may not have been noticed by any practicing doctor. That is just the gist of it, but you know where I am going with this.
11:50 A.M. Break. When we get back from break we talk about causation. Case about a train that is driving down the tracks and the industry standard is to drive 25 MPH. The train company told their conducters to do it. This guy was going faster and he hit a car that was crossing the tracks and killed the passenger in the car. There wasn't enough to prove that the train conductor's negligence in driving too fast actually caused the accident. It may have been many other factors and if he had been going 25 it would have happened the same way. He was not found liable. We then talk about a case where a guy gets shot in the lip and the eye while hunting and both his friends that accidentally shot him are liable even though they can't prove who actually shot him. It was buckshot and so the two pellets that hit him could have come from either gun or one from both. The burden is on the defendants to prove it was the other defendant that actually did it.
12:50 P.M. class is over. Go to lunch w/friends to talk over a little bit about class and then most of the conversation towards towards things we hate about classmates which turns into things we do like about classmates. Too much gossip going on.
2:30 P.M. It was a long lunch and the red headed girl in class was particularly annoying. Check e-mail and fart around on the internet for 30 minutes.
3:00 P.M. check the assignments that are due for tomorrow. Realize there is a lot of work. Go and see that there is nothing in the fridge and wonder why I don't buy tasty healthy snacks. Start on work for tomorrow. Work on civil procedure homework that is all about rule 12 in the federal rules for civil procedure and wondery why our teacher is so boring. Apparently she is a guru on evidence. I don't think I want to take any evidence classes with her.
6:00 P.M. Finally done w/ civil procedure. Man that was very meticulous. Go stare at the fridge and wonder why I don't buy any good food to eat. Debate on whether going to the corner to grab sushi. Decide it's a no go. Fix pasta again. I think spaghetti w/marinara sauce really tastes like something else if you completely will it to. Spend an hour eating and then cleaning up the eventual huge mess
7:00 P.M. Decide that I should see what is on television.
7:10 P.M. Decide that tv sucks and if I don't get away from it then soon HBO/CINEMAX/SHOWTIME on demand will be turned to and I will be stuck watching a 2 hour movie and after it was over my only response will be 'wow that was a waste of time'.
7:15 P.M. I will do these 130 pages of reading for legal writing. I will do these 130 pages of reading for legal writing.....
7:30 P.M. Have now talked myself into it and I actually start the readings.
9:30 P.M. Finish legal writing readings and begin to work on the memo.
10:30 P.M. Decide that I don't like english. There is a reason I never took an english class in 4 years of college. Decide to put off the memo until another day. Pretty much meaning until the night before it is due. Decide to actually take in some televeision.
11:30 P.M. After an hours worth of 'curb your enthusiasm' I tear myself away from HBO on demand and decide it is bedtime. Brush my teeth and all that fun crap.
12:00 P.M. Pick up my computer and decide that I will add another blog tomorrow because I am too tired to write right now. Go to sleep

Sunday, October 03, 2004

There are bad things about NY

I am becoming extremely busy. I am posting this week about a day in my life. As you can tell from less and less frequent posting I have become more and more busy. As is the life of a law student. The bad thing about NY is it's proximity to New Jersey and the fact that many people from New Jersey are here. I know this will offend many, but I am sorry you will just have to live with it. New Jersey can't be on the list of states nobod would notice if it just dissapeared, because there would be a big party and everyone would be happy to see it go. NJ is just one giant suburb of rude people with extremely annoying accents and no class what so ever. Don't get so offended though because this is aimed at one single person who is really pissing me off. No etiquette at all this person. These are the times when I miss the south and the fact that people have general consideration down there.