Saturday, September 25, 2004

So this is law school?

Law school is starting to pick up. More assignments are starting to come. less free time is to be had by all. I also am curious to get involved in the school. Yes a big part of that is resume driven, but I also just want to be involved. I usually skate through things without much involvement. Everyone else had the same idea. I am beginning to really see that law school is full of driven people that all want to succeed. It makes me nervous that others are more nervous than me. They are all running out and buying hornbooks and commercial outlines. I am trying to let my professors teach me and I am trying to learn by actually breifing all the cases. I think part of it is that people want to sound like they know what they are doing in class. Since there are no evaluations until exams people want to get posotive reinforcement. I think people here really strive to be judged, because they have always been judged posotively in the past. They need that reassurance to keep them going, and when it isn't there they have a hard time dealing. i would rather be the one that got every question wrong in class, learned from it, and got it right on the test. I am starting to realize the pressure of the situation. I am going to drink all day tomorrow. From the Tech game on. I want to forget about law school and forgot about success and forgot about life for a day. When you emerge from the haze of college sometimes you want to creep back in. Even if just for a moment so that you can remember the blissful feeling that has since escaped you.


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