Thursday, September 09, 2004

Quick Reflection

In Law School everyone wants to succeed. Mostly, people do all of the required work and in many cases more than the required amount. You make friendships, but there are certain people that you are cognizant and wary of because you believe them to be in direct competition with you. I am looking forward to next year when this competitive atmosphere washes away, because we have already been ranked.
Legal memos seem like a lot of hard work, but, especially if you work for big law, seem that they are very important and will account for much of the work we do in our first years as attorneys. I remember when I thought that memorizing all fifty states was a really hard thing. Now I would love to have that test. I imagine all of this stuff that seems very difficult now will be laughable in the future. As an aside I doubt I could name all the fiftystates off of the top of my head right now. I might make a post about the top five most forgotten states. ha ha


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