Friday, September 03, 2004


this is election is the most attention Ohio has ever gotten. Now I know some people from Ohio. Some very good people. They all think that Ohio is the greatest thing ever. They like it a lot. The rest of the world has not caught on to this Ohio fever. I think I heard someone say the other day "Ohio? Are you kiddding me? Do they even get to vote?" Also with the national coverage you get these street interviews are regular 'folk' from Ohio. Everyone knows that when the news media does this they pick the worst person ever to interview. I am sure you have all seen this on your local news. Usually there are curlers and a moo-moo involved. Everyone in the nation then looks at this unrepresentative interview and it confirms what they usally thought about Ohio, if they even have thought about it before. I think it is bad publicity. I imagine many people from Ohio will be happy when the election is over and they can continue to be innocent flyover country.


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