Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Law School Humor

it is sad, but the time has come that I have started to actually use things I have learned in law school as jokes. We all do it an it is equally sad when everyone else does it, but it is damn funny to us. I have made jokes about rule 12 of the federal rules of civil procedure. I have made jokes about wanting declaratory relief. I have made countless jokes about the modal penal code, and no not a single one has to do with the word penal. We really do these things. I have also decided that I need to actually follow through with the seinfeld tourist thing, but nobody gave any suggestions so I am waiting for a suggestion and then I will immediately go. I am also going to do a day in the life of a law student blog here in the near future. It will pretty much just be a detailed account of my day. I think that will be useful to someone maybe. At least the hair thing was funny.


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