Saturday, September 11, 2004

Law Related Post

I have decided that I have not been posting much about law school itself. So here are some general observations about the first few weeks. My first observation is that professors get right down to it. They expect you not only to have done your work, but to have put in serious thought into your work. They try to get you not just to read they case, but to really analyze and dissect the case. They do a good job of this and it has made our entire class grow in leaps and bounds in just the first few weeks.

The next thing to say is that there isn't this extreme amount of work yet. Granted it is way more work then I ever thought of doing in undergrad it is still early on and manageable. I can see things getting more hectic though. Tomorrow will be mostly dedicated to writing my first legal memo. That and going to visit a Seinfeld landmark, my choice since nobody voted on it. Sunday will mostly be dedicated to doing the work that I have to get done for monday. The work seems to be constant too. In undergrad the work came and went and some weeks I wouldn't have anything to do, and other weeks I would be loaded down. Here it seems that every night I always have something to do. That is quite different, and something I am not quite used to.

The law school community itself doesn't seem to impress me very much. I have met some very good people and I am glad to call them my friends, but I still feel like I only know the people in my seminar class. It is early and I am gonna do other things to kind of branch out which I am hoping will lead to meeting more people.

Organizations at law schools seem very extreme. They are often very political and they want you to become an activist for their cause. What happened to joining organizations that were just based on a common interest? here it seems that you have to want to dedicate your life to the cause to join the organization.

Even though we do have to do a lot of work I can really see the relevance to it. In undergrad many of the courses I took had little bearing on what I will be doing for the rest of my life. I was taking those courses so that the school would give me a peace of paper saying that I had acheived certain minimum standars for it. Here I feel like I am learning skills that I will use all the time. Legal memorandums are things that I will be writing for most of the rest of my life I imagine, or at least a good part of it. learning to do research about a particular legal subject is another large part of a lawyers day. In crim law we are going over affirmative defenses. If I work in some criminal law field I will be glad to have studied how the courts look at the difference between negligence and recklessness. I feel that I am really learning stuff I will use and that makes the material much more interesting.

lastly I need to listen to my own advice. One of my friends was talking to me about which law school to pick and I was telling her that it is nothing to get worked up over and that once she is done with it she will think it was silly to get all worked up over it. she said I got all worked up over it and she was right and people do. That is life and we can't live life like we have already done everything and this is the second time through. We have to live in the moment to a certain extent. I feel like most of the pressure that is starting to build is self imposed. You tell yourself not to worry about outlines, and then some alumni asks you if you have already formed groups and started outlining yet. You then immediately freak out for no good reason. I try to take my advice and think that in a year I will laugh at myself for being this worked up over things, but I am none the less getting worked up over it. I am glad I am not a very stressful person to begin with otherwise my little grey patch of hair would be conquering the rest of my head.

That is all for now. Again if you have any Seinfeld sights that you want me to visit and report on then please post them. I am planning on doing one a week and then writing about how it is and how much it is like the show. I will need to find a friend named Elaine to go with me to these places. My one friend named Elaine is all the way in Virginia and i think it would be an awfully long commute every week. Also if there is some other attraction that you are curious about I would be interested in visiting it and writing about it. So go ahead and post comments. It seems I get the most comments with gross misspellings of words.


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