Wednesday, September 08, 2004


A bunch of the arrested protesters are complaining about thier situation while in detention. They are making the claim that it was not very clean and they got little food and little access to their lawyers. Access to lawyers is very important. Little food is important, but as long as you got enough then you were fine. I think they have little reason to complain. There was a back log because of all the people. Things are slow and that is part of life. So you were kept in jail for a day, BIG DEAL. Isn't part of protesting and civil disobedience an acceptance that you face whatever punishment you get and hope that when people see the punishment they will realize it doesn't fit the supposed crime? The head of the corrections officers association said that it was better than many jails he had seen. he also said that they were lucky not to have to go through rikers island. He said that at rikers island there were rats, mice, roaches, and lets not forget alleged rapes and sodomies. I think before the protestors are allowed to sue they should be allowed to observe what happens in rikers island. Now I know that just because somewhere else is worse it doesn't make your situation legal. I think they are just complaining. They protested everything under the sun during the convention and what makes me think they aren't gonna protest getting arrested. Sometimes I feel like I am living on the campus of PCU. GREAT MOVIE


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