Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Hurry up Scientist

So they can make seedless watermelon. So they can put a man on the moon. So they can take DNA from a baby in a womb and see if it is gonna have problems. Why can't they invent a milk that doesn't spoil in a week? Why is this the medical marvel that alludes all of science. Don't tell me it's not important enough. I don't think seedless watermelon was quite the life saver they made it out to me. As Jerry Sienfeld put it "going phhh, this has got to stop". There is money to do the research. People are buying milk constantly. Generally overbuying because they don't know if they have any or if it has gone bad. Maybe it is a racket. The milk people could do it, but they don't because they know we are hooked and don't want to give us such long a supply.
Anyways that is my rant about the milk industry. In case you didn't know I poured a bowl of cereal and the milk came out of the carton a bit thicker and smellier than it should have. it would be considered a fine cheese in France.


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