Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Haven't Posted In a While

this weekend was really busy. Friends and parents were visiting. I spent all day with the parents and then all night with the friends drinking. At first I thought it was great and it worked out just perfect. This was until I was out every night until five in the morning and up every morning and eight in the morning. didn't work out so well for the sleep. it was an incredibly fun weekend though. Baseball is a fun sport to watch live. On television it is dreadful. That's just life to me.
Bars in New York are fun. There are eight million of them and this has its advantages and disadvantages. i think they are inherent so I won't write about them. Quick story though about a gross ass bar. Filled with dirty hippies. don't get me wrong some of my good friends are hippies and they are great people. These people were 'dirty' hippies which is a whole different sort of people. For some reason this bar was trying for a coyote ugly thing by having the bartenders dance on the bar. At first this is a good idea, but then when this gross dirty hippie jumps up on the bar with her dirty feet, that haven't been washed in weeks, and a crusty old band-aid on her toe you realize that this is a horrible idea.
I have also found out that I like smaller out of the way bars. They are cheaper and pour better drinks. Also the trendy bars here are a bit too trendy for me. I am just not there yet. Maybe once the pigeons stop running into me I will be there. Also CostCo is amazing. I really hate the store, but you can't beat it. My twenty pounds of filet mignon meat and my ten pound block of cheese were very cheap. I am realizing that I need a lot of freezer space when I buy in bulk. This week I promise to write something funny. it hasn't happened in a while and that is a shame.
As far as law school is going I have to write my first memo this week. for those that don't know legal memos require a lot of work. A lot of research goes into these things. That on top of my work load this week is going to make me busy. All work and no play really does make you dull. I might try and go find the seinfeld restaurant this week. That would make for an interesting post. Seinfeld is great. Maybe I can do a Seinfeld tour of the city and each week visit a different New York related Seinfeld sight. Yes I think i will do that. That will become a weekly post. And seriously if you are reading this writ a comment about which Seinfeld related sight you would like for me to visit. Most votes gets it and I imagine that there will be very few votes so if you take the time to comment you will get what you want. Signing off


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