Tuesday, September 28, 2004


I just read an article in the new york times about a girl who is 4 years old and her paintings are selling for six thousand dollars a piece. That means one of two things, either she is an extremely talented child prodigy, or there really is no measure of how good art is except what people will pay for it.

Law School Humor

it is sad, but the time has come that I have started to actually use things I have learned in law school as jokes. We all do it an it is equally sad when everyone else does it, but it is damn funny to us. I have made jokes about rule 12 of the federal rules of civil procedure. I have made jokes about wanting declaratory relief. I have made countless jokes about the modal penal code, and no not a single one has to do with the word penal. We really do these things. I have also decided that I need to actually follow through with the seinfeld tourist thing, but nobody gave any suggestions so I am waiting for a suggestion and then I will immediately go. I am also going to do a day in the life of a law student blog here in the near future. It will pretty much just be a detailed account of my day. I think that will be useful to someone maybe. At least the hair thing was funny.

Hair cut

I just finished cutting my hair by myself for the first time. I learned a few things:
1 There is a lot more hair than you think on your head.
2 it is almost worth paying someone just to clean it up afterwards
3 you really don't have eyes in the back of your head and that makes cutting hair in the back of your head next to impossible. 4 ITCHY
5 Don't ever do anything with the thought that you can just shave it all off if you mess up.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

So this is law school?

Law school is starting to pick up. More assignments are starting to come. less free time is to be had by all. I also am curious to get involved in the school. Yes a big part of that is resume driven, but I also just want to be involved. I usually skate through things without much involvement. Everyone else had the same idea. I am beginning to really see that law school is full of driven people that all want to succeed. It makes me nervous that others are more nervous than me. They are all running out and buying hornbooks and commercial outlines. I am trying to let my professors teach me and I am trying to learn by actually breifing all the cases. I think part of it is that people want to sound like they know what they are doing in class. Since there are no evaluations until exams people want to get posotive reinforcement. I think people here really strive to be judged, because they have always been judged posotively in the past. They need that reassurance to keep them going, and when it isn't there they have a hard time dealing. i would rather be the one that got every question wrong in class, learned from it, and got it right on the test. I am starting to realize the pressure of the situation. I am going to drink all day tomorrow. From the Tech game on. I want to forget about law school and forgot about success and forgot about life for a day. When you emerge from the haze of college sometimes you want to creep back in. Even if just for a moment so that you can remember the blissful feeling that has since escaped you.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Hurry up Scientist

So they can make seedless watermelon. So they can put a man on the moon. So they can take DNA from a baby in a womb and see if it is gonna have problems. Why can't they invent a milk that doesn't spoil in a week? Why is this the medical marvel that alludes all of science. Don't tell me it's not important enough. I don't think seedless watermelon was quite the life saver they made it out to me. As Jerry Sienfeld put it "going phhh, this has got to stop". There is money to do the research. People are buying milk constantly. Generally overbuying because they don't know if they have any or if it has gone bad. Maybe it is a racket. The milk people could do it, but they don't because they know we are hooked and don't want to give us such long a supply.
Anyways that is my rant about the milk industry. In case you didn't know I poured a bowl of cereal and the milk came out of the carton a bit thicker and smellier than it should have. it would be considered a fine cheese in France.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Reason I keep this anonymous

First off I want to talk about the last two comments I recieved. The first being a response to Jung. I am glad he put this comment down. I really would like to agree that it is how you judge yourself that matters. I think that you are the ultimate judge of what you do. The problem I have with this is people are horrible judges. Some guys think that hitting girls is ok. I don't think if they judge this to be allright it really makes it allright. it seems like there should be some absolutes to it. Not everyone can be a fair judge. Very good point, but hard to square with. I'll have to think more about it.
Second is Phi's comment. I really think NY is way better then D.C. Also I didn't know I had any loyal readers. I assumed since nobody ever comments that there weren't any loyal readers. I hope I haven't made it like I think tons are reading. I am flattered if people find it interesting enough to actually browse through. if i do have loyal readers then they should speak up more. That way at least I will be able to intertwine them into this and turn it into a bit more a conversation.
either way I have to stay true to the title of this post. I am going to write about something that I wouldn't want people up here to here me talking or see me writing about. There is this girl. She is a little sister of a girl that has started to become one of my good friends. When I say little sister she is my age. My friend is actually older than me. I am developing a crush on her sister. It seems to me like we click. I just don't know what to do. It is a delicate situation. I dont' want to offend the girl by hitting on her sister. I am just going to take it easy, but I hope it goes somewhere. We all three went to a movie tonight. they were talking about making it a regular thing. That would be nice. One thing I have realized is that the only way I really got girls in college is when I was drunk. I don't really know how to do it sober. I also don't want to come on too strong cause that could make things weird. I am sure this situation will somehow be comical to third party observers. My love life usually ends up that way. I think i should do something nice for her. We'll see how that goes. One step at a time seems to be the best way to go. I'll keep the situation updated.
And one more thing. I did not do this. It was nice not to be the one to stick thier foot in their mouth. One of my friends was talking about the computers she had when she was in elementary school. This girl is a few years older than the rest of us. She is a bit sensitive about it and it is totalIy reasonable. if I were hanging out with a bunch of younger people I would be too. so this girl looks at her after she says the computer thing and she says 'oh my gosh, how old are you!'. yeah it was amazing. Apparently long island doesn't really teach thier inhabitants how to relate in such delicate social situations. it was funnier if you were there.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Count of Monte Cristo

I just finished reading the Count of Monte Cristo. It was a really good book. I thought it should have ended differently though. Let me say first that it is nothing like the movie. I enjoyed the movie until I read the book and realized that it was completely different. I don't mean usual movie different, this thing may as well have been adapted from another book. Only like 1/8 of the movie was like the book. That being said; I really did like the book. It has a lot of lessons and all that stuff. I think it really talks of revenge though. Many books and many things were learn do not deal with revenge. They say that revenge is a bad thing. In this book revenge is a think that is willed by God. It is through Edmond Dantes that revenge is exacted.

Do not read if you feel like reading the book and don't want to know the end, even though the book is still good even if you know the end. Anyways, he goes through this whole time exacting this perfect plan of revenge. He even gets revenge upon those whom he loved, but he felt betrayed him. I am glad that he didn't end up with Mercedes. She was a bitch to him. In the movie he does and I felt that was a cop out also. In this one he ends up with Haydee. He is 'so happy' to have ended up with her and glad to be with her. Gimme a break. This man was falsely imprisoned and tortured for 14 years. At the end of his vengeance he starts to question it? Are you kidding me? Nobody would question it after what he had suffered. Also, this questioning led him to believe that he just wanted to recapture his old happiness. I have a hard time articulating why I think it is so wrong. You will have to read it for yourself to understand. It is just a feeling that you get. It makes you feel like his character didn't have the balls to go through what he did.

Last thing to say. Great book. I did like it a lot. It was very long, but very worth reading. don't let my exasperations over the end of it turn you off to it. I think it represents the modern adaptation in some ways all too well. For those who are good there is a fairytale ending, and for those who are bad there is nothing but despair. That is not the way the world works. I know some very evil people that are very successfull and happy. I also know some very good people that are very sad and very unsuccessful. I think this world judges you by other things than how good you are. Maybe there is a higher judgment and maybe there isn't? I am just talking about the judgment of this world we live in.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


I saw a movie tonight called Solaris. It really is a good movie. I was suprised, because the little thing on the tv that says what it is about looks horrible. It turned out to really make you think. One of those movies that makes you think about how we define ourselves as human, and what characteristics and qualities make us uniquely human. It puts forth a new hypothetical: What if there was something that was exactly like us, it could think and have memories and basically be us, but it was artificially created? i know you people are gonna start talking about cloning and no this is different. I am talking like a person off of an assembly line type thing. NOT ROBOTS. They came out at like 40 or 20 or whatever age we wanted. Many philosophers wouldn't be able to get past this hypothetical. Descartes' little 'I think therefore I am' would be destroyed.

So this is the question I ask of you and of myself, I have to ask myself because nobody ever replies to the questions I pose or the responses I look for. If you had something that was exactly like us, except it was artificially made. No we don't know how it was made, but it was made just like us. It had all the same memories and was made out of all the same stuff we are. The difference between us and it is that it didn't experience those memories, obvioiusly, and it was never actually conceived in the procreation sense of the word. Do you think that thing is human? It still has all the same emotions we do. If we prick it then it does bleed. IF we cheat on it then it gets angry. Some are lazy. Some are industrious. Some love to listen to music. Are they not human? What is it about us that sets us apart from them. Is just because they were created differently enough to say they aren't human? Is there a religious component and do they not have a soul? How exactly does one get a soul? If we decide that they aren't human does that mean that we can treat them like property? Would it be allright to have them as slaves?

I dont' know the answer to these questions. There probably is no real right answer to speak of. I am not ready to venture an opinion on this subject. I am going to think about it a little bit before I do. I would be very interested to hear your comments on this. I think it would help me look at the problem from other angles.

Anyways it is a tough thing to really get your mind around because it is hard to say what exactly makes us human.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

class today

Two things my professor said in class today really stuck with me. He said "I have the license to create hypotheticals". He also said "oh this doesnt make sense to you? Don't worry about it because it doesn't make sense." The first quote makes me think that hypotheticals are what law school is all about. If you are in law school you really understand the quote. It makes my life tough and makes it not quite like practicing law. The second quote makes me fear the test. If it doesn't make sense than how can I be tested on it. frustration. oh well at leas the OC comes back on in less than a month. I am glad all my male friend really like the show too, otherwise I would be worried about myself.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

September 11

It is now the third anniversary of September 11th. It seems that everybody has something to say about it, but nobody knows quite what to say. I thought it was very moving to look out my windown and see the lights beaming up from lower Manhattan that they do as a tribute. They were hitting a cloud and it was lighting up the cloud in a very neat way. made me wish I had a camera so that I could capture it. I really don't know how I feel about September 11th. it was very surreal to me. I didn't quite understand what was going on. I do know that thirty years from know if anyone asks where I was and to recount the events of that day I will be able to in vivid description. I think that definitely means something. I think it was one of the first real historical events that younger generations will ask about that I will have been alive for and remember. I think it is so tragic that it had to be such a terrible event.

One thing it does is make me happy to live here in America. I think of the countries that have to face this month in and month out. I couldn't imagine living in a place like that. i couldn't imagine the complete and pure devistation of any semblance of a normal life. It makes me thing that humans really are dynamic, because they can actually forge lives despite living in terrible circumstances. It makes me think of the war in Iraq. I don't want to get into that whole debate, but it seems to me that we have done something that will make the world a little better place. Whether it was our right to do it, or whether it makes our lives less safe, or what have you. I think that we made the world a better place to live in. I just imagine that when you are laying in your deathbed and you are looking back on your life you will not remember the porsche or the corporate job or the lavish vactions, but I think you will remember what you did to make this world a little better. I'd like to think that when you do leave this world those contributions will live on.

This post has kind of started to get past September 11th, but I think it creates these feelings and these thoughts in people. It makes you aware of your own mortality. it's a scary thought, but it is a very true thought. I have already said too much on a subject that demands few words. I will leave this post with a link to the victims of September 11th. http://www.september11victims.com/september11Victims/victims_list.htm

Law Related Post

I have decided that I have not been posting much about law school itself. So here are some general observations about the first few weeks. My first observation is that professors get right down to it. They expect you not only to have done your work, but to have put in serious thought into your work. They try to get you not just to read they case, but to really analyze and dissect the case. They do a good job of this and it has made our entire class grow in leaps and bounds in just the first few weeks.

The next thing to say is that there isn't this extreme amount of work yet. Granted it is way more work then I ever thought of doing in undergrad it is still early on and manageable. I can see things getting more hectic though. Tomorrow will be mostly dedicated to writing my first legal memo. That and going to visit a Seinfeld landmark, my choice since nobody voted on it. Sunday will mostly be dedicated to doing the work that I have to get done for monday. The work seems to be constant too. In undergrad the work came and went and some weeks I wouldn't have anything to do, and other weeks I would be loaded down. Here it seems that every night I always have something to do. That is quite different, and something I am not quite used to.

The law school community itself doesn't seem to impress me very much. I have met some very good people and I am glad to call them my friends, but I still feel like I only know the people in my seminar class. It is early and I am gonna do other things to kind of branch out which I am hoping will lead to meeting more people.

Organizations at law schools seem very extreme. They are often very political and they want you to become an activist for their cause. What happened to joining organizations that were just based on a common interest? here it seems that you have to want to dedicate your life to the cause to join the organization.

Even though we do have to do a lot of work I can really see the relevance to it. In undergrad many of the courses I took had little bearing on what I will be doing for the rest of my life. I was taking those courses so that the school would give me a peace of paper saying that I had acheived certain minimum standars for it. Here I feel like I am learning skills that I will use all the time. Legal memorandums are things that I will be writing for most of the rest of my life I imagine, or at least a good part of it. learning to do research about a particular legal subject is another large part of a lawyers day. In crim law we are going over affirmative defenses. If I work in some criminal law field I will be glad to have studied how the courts look at the difference between negligence and recklessness. I feel that I am really learning stuff I will use and that makes the material much more interesting.

lastly I need to listen to my own advice. One of my friends was talking to me about which law school to pick and I was telling her that it is nothing to get worked up over and that once she is done with it she will think it was silly to get all worked up over it. she said I got all worked up over it and she was right and people do. That is life and we can't live life like we have already done everything and this is the second time through. We have to live in the moment to a certain extent. I feel like most of the pressure that is starting to build is self imposed. You tell yourself not to worry about outlines, and then some alumni asks you if you have already formed groups and started outlining yet. You then immediately freak out for no good reason. I try to take my advice and think that in a year I will laugh at myself for being this worked up over things, but I am none the less getting worked up over it. I am glad I am not a very stressful person to begin with otherwise my little grey patch of hair would be conquering the rest of my head.

That is all for now. Again if you have any Seinfeld sights that you want me to visit and report on then please post them. I am planning on doing one a week and then writing about how it is and how much it is like the show. I will need to find a friend named Elaine to go with me to these places. My one friend named Elaine is all the way in Virginia and i think it would be an awfully long commute every week. Also if there is some other attraction that you are curious about I would be interested in visiting it and writing about it. So go ahead and post comments. It seems I get the most comments with gross misspellings of words.

Thursday, September 09, 2004


Top 5 Most Forgotten States

1. North Dakota- this is just because only 8 people actually live there. I doubt anyone that reads this actually does.
2. South Dakota- for the same reason as North Dakota. Four of the people in SD know 2 of the people in ND
3.Rhode Island- We think of Maine for crabs and lobster. Massachusetts has Boston in it. We know Rhode Island is somewhere near there, but we aren't sure if the entire population would cover a square block in NY City.
4.Missouri- Yeah Nelly is from there and he tried to give St. Louis some type of popularity, but when we think of St. Louis then Missouri doesn't immediately pop into are heads. Also name another city in Missouri? yeah good try.
5.Deleware- Dover is the capital of this fine little state. The only people that know it exist are those that drive through it to get to NY from the south. Most think it is something like Washington D.C. because it seriously takes like twenty minutes to travel through it. I have pretty serious doubts on whether anyone actually makes a concerted effort to actually live in Deleware.

Quick Reflection

In Law School everyone wants to succeed. Mostly, people do all of the required work and in many cases more than the required amount. You make friendships, but there are certain people that you are cognizant and wary of because you believe them to be in direct competition with you. I am looking forward to next year when this competitive atmosphere washes away, because we have already been ranked.
Legal memos seem like a lot of hard work, but, especially if you work for big law, seem that they are very important and will account for much of the work we do in our first years as attorneys. I remember when I thought that memorizing all fifty states was a really hard thing. Now I would love to have that test. I imagine all of this stuff that seems very difficult now will be laughable in the future. As an aside I doubt I could name all the fiftystates off of the top of my head right now. I might make a post about the top five most forgotten states. ha ha

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


A bunch of the arrested protesters are complaining about thier situation while in detention. They are making the claim that it was not very clean and they got little food and little access to their lawyers. Access to lawyers is very important. Little food is important, but as long as you got enough then you were fine. I think they have little reason to complain. There was a back log because of all the people. Things are slow and that is part of life. So you were kept in jail for a day, BIG DEAL. Isn't part of protesting and civil disobedience an acceptance that you face whatever punishment you get and hope that when people see the punishment they will realize it doesn't fit the supposed crime? The head of the corrections officers association said that it was better than many jails he had seen. he also said that they were lucky not to have to go through rikers island. He said that at rikers island there were rats, mice, roaches, and lets not forget alleged rapes and sodomies. I think before the protestors are allowed to sue they should be allowed to observe what happens in rikers island. Now I know that just because somewhere else is worse it doesn't make your situation legal. I think they are just complaining. They protested everything under the sun during the convention and what makes me think they aren't gonna protest getting arrested. Sometimes I feel like I am living on the campus of PCU. GREAT MOVIE

Had to steal this

I just had to steal this.http://www.btinternet.com/~crillboy/property_morephotos.cfm.htm Look at the third picture down and in the window. Except it really isn't stealing because I am giving proper credit. Anyways, I found this at blondejustice.blogspot.com . funny stuff

business cards

Apparently there has been enough of a request that our law school is making business cards for students. What law student needs a business card? I think it is just so when at a bar some guy can prove to a chick that he really is a law student in a non-threatening, but totally obvious, manner. Whomever does that should not get laid for 8 months following said action. They shouldn't even be allowed to twack. That said they are printing these cards twice a month. Who do I go to school with????

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Haven't Posted In a While

this weekend was really busy. Friends and parents were visiting. I spent all day with the parents and then all night with the friends drinking. At first I thought it was great and it worked out just perfect. This was until I was out every night until five in the morning and up every morning and eight in the morning. didn't work out so well for the sleep. it was an incredibly fun weekend though. Baseball is a fun sport to watch live. On television it is dreadful. That's just life to me.
Bars in New York are fun. There are eight million of them and this has its advantages and disadvantages. i think they are inherent so I won't write about them. Quick story though about a gross ass bar. Filled with dirty hippies. don't get me wrong some of my good friends are hippies and they are great people. These people were 'dirty' hippies which is a whole different sort of people. For some reason this bar was trying for a coyote ugly thing by having the bartenders dance on the bar. At first this is a good idea, but then when this gross dirty hippie jumps up on the bar with her dirty feet, that haven't been washed in weeks, and a crusty old band-aid on her toe you realize that this is a horrible idea.
I have also found out that I like smaller out of the way bars. They are cheaper and pour better drinks. Also the trendy bars here are a bit too trendy for me. I am just not there yet. Maybe once the pigeons stop running into me I will be there. Also CostCo is amazing. I really hate the store, but you can't beat it. My twenty pounds of filet mignon meat and my ten pound block of cheese were very cheap. I am realizing that I need a lot of freezer space when I buy in bulk. This week I promise to write something funny. it hasn't happened in a while and that is a shame.
As far as law school is going I have to write my first memo this week. for those that don't know legal memos require a lot of work. A lot of research goes into these things. That on top of my work load this week is going to make me busy. All work and no play really does make you dull. I might try and go find the seinfeld restaurant this week. That would make for an interesting post. Seinfeld is great. Maybe I can do a Seinfeld tour of the city and each week visit a different New York related Seinfeld sight. Yes I think i will do that. That will become a weekly post. And seriously if you are reading this writ a comment about which Seinfeld related sight you would like for me to visit. Most votes gets it and I imagine that there will be very few votes so if you take the time to comment you will get what you want. Signing off

Friday, September 03, 2004


this is election is the most attention Ohio has ever gotten. Now I know some people from Ohio. Some very good people. They all think that Ohio is the greatest thing ever. They like it a lot. The rest of the world has not caught on to this Ohio fever. I think I heard someone say the other day "Ohio? Are you kiddding me? Do they even get to vote?" Also with the national coverage you get these street interviews are regular 'folk' from Ohio. Everyone knows that when the news media does this they pick the worst person ever to interview. I am sure you have all seen this on your local news. Usually there are curlers and a moo-moo involved. Everyone in the nation then looks at this unrepresentative interview and it confirms what they usally thought about Ohio, if they even have thought about it before. I think it is bad publicity. I imagine many people from Ohio will be happy when the election is over and they can continue to be innocent flyover country.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


Friends are friends no matter what. Even when a friend is telling you how much they have problems it is an awesome conversation. It reminds you that everything is the same. The only difference is where you are at. We are lucky to have such technology to be so close in touch with those that are so far away. it really reminds you that you are never alone no matter what. I am lucky to have such good friends. Sometimes too people that seem like just decent friends end up being the best. I learned a lot about that last semster at college and I am learning even more about it now. Nothing can ever be that bad as long as you know that there are these great people around you!!!