Sunday, August 08, 2004


So the weekend was great. Drank way too much like always. I imagine the lack of drinking and heightened stress about to hit will help push pass those extra pounds from no stress at all and lots of drinking. I just found out today that the book I have to read for CivPro is actually 320 pages long. I though New York would be a fun place to hang out since I have about five days before class starts. Boy I was wrong about that. I was telling everyone that I had 500 pages of reading before classes start. I was really wrong about that. I have way more than that. Fun stuff. One notion I re-inforced this weekend is that when bad things happen to other people it is really funny. When one of my friends lost to other friends in beer pong he decided driving home was the apprpriate response. So he gets in his car, all while people are trying to stop him, and promptly backs into a parked car. His girlfriend was crying and shreiking like someone just died. Everyone was laughing and having a great time with it. It was even funnier the next day when we saw that the dent in the parked car was actually a whole lot bigger than we originally thought. The thing is I really like them both. They are good people and fun to hang out with. I just think that other people's misery is funny and I am sure that when crappy stuff happens to me people laugh very hard.
One more comment because this is more and more becoming a good forum just to rant about nothing. I now realize that spell check on Microsoft Word has reduced my spelling accuracy to about a third grade level. I don't have it on this and am constantly perplexed on how to spell words. I am so dependant on it that I actually open up a blank word document and when I come to a particularly tough word, words such as and, the, I, am, and too, I throw them into the word document to see if they are spelled right. Sometimes I am dead on and they are all spelled right and other times I am way off and it is kind of a downer. This long rant has come to an end. Only two more days of living in this state and this region of the country. I notice that I have been looking at the stars a lot because I won't be able to see them once I gone. I think people miss things just because they are not there. Like I never looked at the stars before for like a year and then the other day I did and was like "I am going to miss these in NYC". That was a dumb comment. I mean if I don't look at them for a year down here then I obviously have no problem not looking at them. This relationship, if you can call it that, really molds into other aspects of life. People that have power abuse it for no good reason at all, let's just look at Slick Willy who said he had relations with Monica because he could. If they never used the power they would still have it and it would be fine, but by using it they are reminded that they have. I have also noticed that my grammar and all around command of commas and periods suck. I can't wait till I have a secretary or assistant to do these meaningless tasks like spell-checking for me. Then I can fire them and re-hire them the next day just so that they know who is boss.


At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy we are all going to miss you!

Your friends in Hokieland


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