Friday, August 27, 2004

Two thoughts while I should be asleep

first is an open comment to whomever drives the trash trucks between the hours of 12 am and 7 am. Seriously please find a trash truck that is not quite so noisy. It seriously sucks. I mean we can send a man to the moon, but your hydraulics still must sound like t-rex just took a fresh hunk out of an opera singer right outside my window. I don't come to your apartment during the day and keep you up so please refrain.

Secondly, if I see one more sign that says 'don't elect Bush President; again', then I will puke on the signs holder. Please if you are a protestor than at least take some time to learn a little bit about the topic you are protesting about. There is a neat little document called The Constitution. In that document there is a couple paragraphs on elections. One of these paragraphs speaks specifically about presidential elections. You were actually never given the 'right' to vote for the president. The electoral college is picked by the states. What is that you say? You think that you vote for your representatives that go to the electoral college? The answer is no you don't. The states actually pick them and the states don't have to pick the party you have voted for. Now I understand that they have for many years and people would be angry if they didn't. What is that you ask? Has this ever happened before? Yes it has happened before. One president, and I will do something nice for whomever can name this president, had it happen. It was well regarded that we, as a nation, wanted only George Washington to be the only president ever to be elected unanimously by the electoral college. One state, even more kudos if you can name the state, decided to cast their ballot in direct opposition to what their voters wanted. So next time you see a sign like that please impart this knowledge on the person holding the sign. The more I see people 'taking a stand for what they believe in' the more I believe that people are idiots. I mean twenty minutes research before an hours protest should be manditory especially when we have the internet.
Lastly, and sorry for the rant, it is readily apparent when we see what the news organizations talk about. The big new story, that has garnered front page coverage for at least two weeks now, is the swift boat controversy. I mean could people argure over a more pointless subject. let me speak about the Republicans first. C'mon guys you know you love this crap. I mean there are obvious connections to the White House with this thing. Please don't tell me that your highest officials in your re-election campaign knew about it, but you had nothing to do with it. I mean we aren't as ignorant as you think. Next I will deal with the Democrats. Can we please stop with the hypocrisy. You do not have the right to tell the Republicans that they have to denounce these things. You invited Micheal Moore to your national convention for Christ's sake. You still get a better shake of it in the media, because the media doesn't say anything bad about all the 527 groups that basically call George Bush a dictator and a murderer. Your basically the pot calling the kettle black.
Lastly, seriously this time, to the protestors today at times square. Showing boobs loses half of your audiences attention automatically. Yeah you dropped your clothes and got national media coverage, but every man I know that was there commented not on your message, but on how "the third girl from the left had great tits". The guys that weren't there were asking if there were any hot girls that dropped 'trou'. Yes 'trou' is short for trousers and we can thank Jack Black for that. Enough ranting for one night. We learned that trash trucks suck, ignorant people suck, politicians suck, and naked chicks messages are never heard by males.


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