Friday, August 13, 2004

Top Five List

Top ten reasons moving crap from Virginia sucks.
5: Tiny elevators. is it me or is old stuff just smaller. I mean seriously in the past was everybody small? This elevator was designed for midgets.
4: Parking in New York. I drove for an hour looking for a spot. I had to park illegally. It was not fun.
3: Tolls. Think about how much money they make off that crap. Did my little u-haul really cost 12 dollars to cross a bridge. Somebody is getting really rich of that. Maybe i'll build a bridge one day and charge people to cross it. It would probably cost less than law school.
2: Not being able to pump your own gas. I have already passed preschool. I can fit the little circle block in the circle hole. I can also squeeze. Those two tasks combined allow me to pump gas on my own. Can we stop adding crappy little jobs where you are forced to tip somebody. Whomever came up with that law sucks. I hope the person pumping gas into their car throws a bag of sugar into it. Or maybe I will. That would make it more fun and personal.
1: The New Jersey turnpike. I won't say much about it because I am going to do an entire post dedicated to how much the New Jersey turnpike sucks. I really hate it.


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