Thursday, August 26, 2004

To the annoying person in all my classes

Let me start off by saying that we are stuck with you all year. I have no choice. The school put you in all my classes. This means that everyone that you have class with now you will have class with all year. Of course this excludes those in other sections in our larger classes, but for the most part you will be with these same people. My first real tip is that when any question starts out "I don't want to be this person, but", that question should be ended right there. Also if you ask a question right before break and the professor says I don't know the case you are talking about, but says that he already knows the answer and don't worry about it, then it does not make sense to find the exact case and blurt it out after break. He will answer that he was right when he originally answered. Luckily he made a good joke out of the thing and people enjoyed his joke. As far as being with everyone for the whole year. You have already become that person. It is really only the first week of class. That means two things to me:1 that you can toss this persona and become less annoying and people will be happy that you did, 2 you can keep annoying and ensure yourself that whenever you see people whispering, whether in the cafeteria or in the courtyard or in a classroom or on the elevator or in the bookstore or anywhere, you can be assured that you are being pointed out as 'that annoying girl in my,blank, class'. the blank being that they will say which class they have with you and the latest annoying thing you did. This is a small school. You will not be liked. It's petty that this goes on, but I have to say that I have been guilty of it myself. I try not to but sometimes it just comes out. So seriously chill out and stop asking dumb questions. This is also the girl who asked what we will be graded on during the first class. I will also use this persons experience to make sure to think twice about commenting in class. For those of you going to law school soon don't be this person. If you ever precede a comment by saying what this person says then don't say the comment. Also remember that at least your not a horse. if this person were a horse they would have been taken out back and shot already.


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