Friday, August 20, 2004

Sorry Amanda

I love getting comments. Don't get me wrong they are what keep me motivated. The only thing is, is that I am trying to keep this anonymous. I know that many of my friends from back home know it is me and that is fine. I just don't want poeple who are up here with me now to know. Not that I will say anything bad about them or anything like that, but I just think it is better that way and it keeps me more objective. Amanda I had to get rid of your comment because it made a very identifiable reference. I know you didn't mean it at all and I love you to death. I am extremely glad that you are reading this and I hope it is helpful to you!! Andy, Andrew, and ......, I don't know any other names that have Andrew as the name, are allright. That is fine because Andrew is a common name and who even says it has to be mine. Either way thanks you guys for reading and commenting.


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