Sunday, August 22, 2004

A small conjecture about motivation

After only being in law school for two days I find myself doing some things obsessively. One of these is if I don't know a word I will look it up. I mean I know the meaning of about 90 percent of my own words. The other 8 percent I pretty much know the meaning, but I couldn't write it down for the unabridged if you get my gist. The other 2 percent are pretty much a crapshoot and I only use them around people I am about certain don't know the meaning and so whatever I say the meaning is they will take at full value. Yeah it's life. So anyways I do this looking up thing almost compulsively. The whole point of this paragraph boils down the the word conjecture. It fit in the 8 percent category. So I looked it up and it was perfect for this post. After you get done looking it will find out that it really conveys a lot more than at face value and it captures the essence of what I wanted to say perfectly.
Now that we have that out of the way here is my conjecture. So I think men are motivated by simple things and women are more motivated by complex things. Men I think have the top two motivations. These are money and women. Of course this excludes gay men, but I think women can be interchangeable under their condition for men. The order of those top two is different depending on the person. The reasons I think this are because of how easily men are swayed and how women can use their sexual appeal to get thier way. I think this is a pretty intuitive guess here. I mainly formed it after watching two movies. One was Ace Ventura Pet Detective and one was some movie with Demi Moore called Disclosure. In the former a woman uses her charms to convince Ace to look at suspects other than her. I know that some will actually remember this movie and point out that she was a man and had a sex change. Listen I am not talking about her inparticular I am making a bigger statement about all women so just chill out and don't get bogged down in the details. In Disclosure Demi Moore uses her sex appeal to get the guy, I forget his name but he is pretty famous, to make out with her and risk his marriage and all this so that she can get him fired. It was a very complicated motivation on her part. She went through all the steps that one wouldn't think of to get him fired and completely cover it up. Here is what I am getting at. The men were driven by sex and money in both movies. In boils down to that. The women had very complex motivations. This is why I think you see women marry rich old dudes. You say it's just for the money, but that being the case men would do it to and they don't. Also I think it strenghtens my though about men because they marry these women. They have the money their next obvious motivator is the women. I of course am no different. You can take your guess about my top motivation if you want. I was going to make this relative to male and female success but it doesn't stretch that far. Maybe some of you readers have a feeling on this topic. I would love to hear about it in the comment box. Maybe I can develop this into a thesis paper and sell it to psychology majors all across the country. See money is motivating me. Oh well can't fight nature.


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